Fall Guys gives special skin to the best player – Who is The Fallen One?

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The Fallen One‘ just received an exclusive skin from the community manager for Fall Guys. But who the fallen one really is? Here is what we know.

It’s been almost two weeks since Fall Guys was released and it took the gaming world by a storm. The game is currently available on Steam and PS4 (free for PS plus users). With over 16 Million players worldwide and almost every Twitch streamer playing the game, it comes with no surprise that developers of Fall Guys wanted to give back some of the love they have been receiving.

The community manager for the game posted on twitter last night that he went ahead and gave the best player an early access to a skin before anyone else.

The best part is, even the people at Fall Guys don’t know who the best player, or as they call it ‘The Fallen One’, is. They are asking all of their players to have a look in their in-game inventory to see if they got the skin.

Major Brands compete to get their skin included within Fall Guys

Twitter is going crazy as the search for The Fallen One continues. The hashtag #TheFallenOne is now trending on twitter in hopes that the player who got the skin comes forward (with proof as well). As the Fallen One has not yet shown up, it might be safe to say that the player is not even on twitter. Even the developers of Fall Guys are dying with anticipation.

About the game

Fall guys was released on 4th August and ever since the day, it blowing up day by day. So far almost two million copies of Fall Guys have been sold on steam. As for Playstation users, the game is currently available for free if you own a subscription for PS Plus. The game community continues to grow every day with almost 120K average active players on steam.

Fall Guys is a cartoon-themed battle royale game. It gives the vibes of the Show Wipeout where the contestants have to race through an obstacle course in hopes of achieving the fastest time. The game currently has 25 different game modes that involve both team modes and solo modes. The match starts with 60 players in a lobby and as you progress through the rounds, few players are eliminated until there is the last person.

Who is The Fallen One?

Well according to the community manager for Fall Guys, he is the best player in the game. What remains to be a mystery is what stats are they looking at while deciding who the best player is? Is it someone who has the highest number of wins? Or someone who has played the game for the longest? There is no answer to this question yet as the developers don’t even know who the best player is.

The search still continues and hopefully, we will see The Fallen One sooner rather than later. That will surely end the mystery and calm people down as the hashtag #TheFallenOne continues to stay on trending.

Could you be The One everyone is looking for?

Up until now, there have been no true claims for the throne and it’s possible that it might be you. To check if you are The Fallen One, all you have to do is go into your game inventory and see if you find an exclusive skin. If it’s there, then congratulations. You are The Fallen One and you can boast about it by posting a screenshot of it on Twitter and tagging Fall Guys.

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