Facebook receives demands to add ‘Cross’ Reaction Emoji against LGBT Pride Flag

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In support of LGBT community and celebrating Pride Month, the biggest social media platform Facebook added rainbow flag in their emoji reaction bar, for people to show love and celebrate diversity in posts related to Gay Pride. But Christian evangelicals protested against the pride flag in a post and now demand Crucifix (Cross) emoji as boycott.

The rainbow-colored reaction was added by Facebook on June 9 and has now been used widely by many people in the posts that speak for the rights of LGBT community as a whole. But on June 24, an Fb user named Hikmat Hanna set an image as his cover photo, asking for a Cross reaction emoji for Christians who don’t believe in homosexual love and take it as an action against God’s will.

The image was later shared by an evangelist public figure named Joshua Feuerstein and has now more than 28k supportive reacts and 9,000+ shares.

The post also received around 2.4k comments from all around the world, people sharing their thoughts in support and contrary to the demand shared. “They’re not going to do that, because everything is backwards now, wrong is right, and right is wrong, that’s the way the world is now, but God is still God weather people like it or not”, said one of the supportive commentators. 

But the amount of contrary comments remained higher than supporting statements in the posts. One of the top comments, in response to the demand of ‘Cross Emoji’, said, “OK so by that logic there should be one for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and all other religions. Stop feeling persecuted, because it’s not like they have reactions for all faiths except Christianity.”

“Let us know when Christians are discriminated against on a national level, have legislature written targeting them, and spend a century being oppressed”, another one commented.

The list of comments rejecting the demand of Crucifix emoji made Facebook take its decision quickly to refuse and ignore the post. “This reaction is not actually available on Facebook, and is not something we’re working on”, a Facebook spokesman told Huffington Post.

Ever since the legal acceptance of LGBT community took place, there has been a constant support coming from Media, Celebrity figures, Social media organization, Press, Human rights organizations etc. Even the TV shows and songs are being made in support of gay rights and pride. An entire show on Netflix called “Sense8” has exclusively featured the ‘life of homosexual people’.

“We just want to spend a life like a normal human does. Have legal rights like all the rest of the people do, marry and have family, and be happy, That’s all we want. No hate!,” says a gay person.

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