Facebook launches a new portal for video game streamers

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In an attempt to attract more gamers to their platform, Facebook is adding all new features to its gaming creator program. Gamers will be able to access a portal where they can share their gaming videos as well as stream gameplay.

eSports and gaming, in general, is rapidly growing day by day resulting in an increasing number of people earning their livelihoods by playing video games. Youtubers like Pewdiepie, KSI, and the most recent Fortnite sensation Ninja have all become popular by playing video games and putting up their videos on youtube. Facebook looks to capitalize on the eSports industry which is set to be worth over $1 billion by the end of next year as well as attract other video game content creators as well.

Gamers need a platform where they can upload their videos and platforms like Twitch and Youtube are the ones that are mostly considered. In an attempt to try and get Facebook into the mix, the social media platform created its gaming creator program that launched in January this year. The program offers to pay gamers to upload and stream their content exclusively on Facebook, in order to get more viewership on the website. Now they’ve gone a step further and have unveiled the Gaming Creator Page which will act as a portal for gaming videos and livestreams.

The new gaming hub will let fans gaming videos according to the people and content creators they follow, the pages they like and the groups they’re in. The platform is also set to include eSports competitions as well as content from other gaming events. Long story short: it’s a hub where the focus will be gaming and gaming only. Alongside the gaming creator program that encourages popular gaming personalities to post on Facebook, the social media platform also has a Level Up program.

This program aims to help newer personalities grow and eventually gather their own following through which they can earn money. The members of the Level Up program will have early access to any new updates/features Facebook decides to implement overall to their gaming platform/hub and they’ll also be able to get advice from already established gaming personalities.
According to Facebook, they “want to give emerging gaming creators the information and support they need so they can livestream more easily, grow their communities more quickly and focus on making great content”.

Overall, Facebook’s new game hub looks exciting as it has a lot of potential to become something huge in the future. Facebook is doing its best to incentivize already established gamers to post content on their website, if they’re successful in doing so, then it’s only a matter of time before more people start using their platform for gaming purposes.


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