Facebook is Recycling Old Photos of Us

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Apparently, a widespread anomaly has reached many Facebook users, in which old photos of them, going from days all the way till year old photos have just randomly been popping up on their account, for all to see, along with old posts they had shared or written.

Shock Discovery

PCMag conveyed this issue and stated that all these posts are being re-shared on people’s timelines, and most importantly, without any of their permission. The reason behind all this is a mystery as of now, with two things popping up as potential ones.

One was perhaps the new version of the app that came out on IOS last Thursday, and the second being as some type of related effect from Facebook’s year in review feature, which apparently had slammed Facebook in 2016.

Users on Twitter took to their posts immediately the anger and confusion they’ve been experiencing, with many just assuming someone had been hacking into their accounts, while others are not quite sure what to even think about the matter.


A Jay Bradshaw posted “@Facebook your recent update added back people I stopped following and posted 3 old photos to my timeline. It’s inconvenient and weird.” Other users expressed their frustration with claims that friends they had were deleted, and those who were removed had been added again, causing havoc amongst the users. “@Facebook STOP re-posting old posts!! You don’t get to post on my behalf!” Shannon Beck wrote.

A spokesperson for Facebook has announced that the situation has become increasingly aware for them, and they currently revising the matter, without any further explanations of why it is old posts and photos are being re-posted till now.

Jim Kennedy wrote “It seems Facebook is recycling old posts randomly. As if 2016 weren’t weird enough.” One user remarked that this year has indeed been a tough year for Facebook as a whole, as they were under fire from the yearly review and due to the amount of “fake news” that had surfaced has caused immense criticism towards them.








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