Facebook adds startling Live Streaming features, ‘Live Chat With’ and ‘Live Chat with Friends’

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From an elongated time, Facebook’s center of attention is its video features, and this time Facebook has brought something astounding in the world of Live Streaming.

Now Facebook facilitates the users with two new incredible features ‘Live Chat with Friends’ and ‘Live Chat With’. These two new features have left the Facebook users in a trance.

The feature allows combining the live broadcast on Facebook with your friends. The application now facilitates its users to invite their friends on Facebook to share the Live Streaming screen with them.

The Live Chat with Friends permits the user with an amazing option of chatting with friends on Facebook while watching any live streaming.

On the other hand users can now invite your friends in their live streaming video with the Live Chat With feature which is newly added in the application.

At the outset, the Live With feature was accessible by the public figures but now it can be easily accessed by the normal users as well using the IOS operating system.

Whether this newly incredible added Live Streaming feature will be available for Android users or not, is still a mystery.

Facebook has designed this Live Streaming feature by keeping in view the up-coming latest display technologies.

This Innovative feature supports landscape as well as portrait mode for having side-by-side and picture-in-picture layout correspondingly.

This feature is currently the latest live streaming feature in the world of live streaming technology which can utterly direct the application market.

According to Facebook’s news post, “You can invite friends who are already watching or other friends who you may think want to tune in. You’re able to jump back into the public conversation at any time, and you can still continue chatting with your friends via Messenger after the broadcast ends.”

The feature can be simply use, for this the user need to select a guest by just tapping the comment of the viewer or selecting the guest from Live Viewer section.

As soon as the user will send the invitation to the viewer, a notification will be sent to the viewer and the viewer will get the option to accept or reject the invitation.

These Live Streaming new features seem to be quite startling as they make live streaming more enjoyable. Plus these new features have several advantages which cannot be derelict.

The features can be used for conducting classes or for doing meetings with the people who live in far-flung areas or just can be use for having a good conversation with your friends.

These features will turn out to be in a boon of its users and it can be expected that other similar applications will try to adopt these Live Streaming features too.

But sadly these features are still not available for Android users as there are huge number of Android users all across the globe and thus this can affect the ratings of the application.

The Live With feature is available in the market but the Live with Friends feature is currently under the observation and is being tested on the smart-phones and soon it will be commercialized.

Facebook is bringing out new remarkable features everyday in the market, previously the Story feature came out then Facebook added a new reaction emoji which endured for a couple of days.

Now the matter of fact is how useful these newly added Live Streaming features will turn out to be and whether this feature will be able to take over the market or not.

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