What To Expect From Apple Event 2017

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Apple, the world’s most valuable technology company is all set to unveil their latest tech products this Tuesday at their special event. This Apple event is being held at their new ‘Spaceship Campus’ in Cupertino, California.

It is Apple’s 10th anniversary and invitations have been sent out. The invitation has the tagline ‘Let’s meet at our place’ and a have a really colorful picture of the Apple logo.

Apple has planned to launch three phones at the event including their latest flagship The iPhone 8. This will be the first iPhone that will be unveiled at their new massive headquarter.
Tim Cook for the first time ever will take to the stage of Steve Jobs Theatre. The event will start at 10 am sharp Pacific Time, the event will also be live streamed for the millions of Apple fans and tech enthusiasts around the world.

Down below we have listed down what you can expect from this big Apple event this year:

• The iPhone 8:

The tenth anniversary iPhone which might be called the iPhone edition, iPhone X or iPhone 8 will rock a 5.8 inch edge to edge display with a small cut out up top for the ear piece and front camera. This bezel less display technology has quickly turned out to to be the standard on the flagship smart​ phones.

Image by Digital Trends.

It will be the first iPhone that is expected to feature an OLED Display. Apple is finally getting rid of their typical IPS LCDs and is switching to OLED which provides brighter color, more contrast and the black is true black because the pixels are not lighted up.

OLED Display is not the only big change made to the iPhone. This time there will no home button on the phone which has been the attribute of every iPhone since ten years. It is rumored that there will be “virtual area” at the bottom of the screen which will respond various gestures and taps to let you navigate iOS.

There will be no Touch ID or finger print scanner due to the loss of the home button. Instead, there will be an infrared scanner that will use facial recognition software to unlock the device. This technology is said to super snappy and fast.

This technology is similar to the facial recognition technology found in the latest Samsung Galaxy S8.

It will track and detect your face which would allow the iPhone to mute notification sound when you’re are looking at the phone so the people around you won’t get annoyed.

An iPad inspired app dock might be seen on the new iPhone 8. Charging technology has also been upgraded and for the first time Apple users will experience wireless charging that will of course require a charging pad which is not included in the package and will be sold separately.

It will have a new dual camera system with augmented reality support. Apple might even show the new AR apps made with ARKit.

According to a report from iPhone leaker Benjamin Geskin, the iPhone 8 will come in three colors. The standard white and black color and a new champagne gold color.

This flagship device will at least cost around $1000 in the United States. Some sources have claimed it to be more expensive.

• The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus:

Apple is also releasing an upgrade to their last flagship devices iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The design of 7S and 7S Plus will be identical to the last year means it will have a home button and larger bezels. It will be powered by the A11 processor that will be in the iPhone 8.

This phone will be a great option for those who want to pick up a new iPhone without breaking up the bank.

Image by Value Walk

• Homepod:

The Homepod is a Siri powered virtual assistant and music speaker just like Amazon Alexa. It will be launching in December with a price point of $350. The info regarding the pre-orders and shipment might be given at the event.

These speakers at the start will only be available in the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Image by CNET

• Apple’s 4K TV Box:

The 4K TVs are getting very common and increasingly cheap. So Apple decided to get into the game and support this higher resolution. According to Bloomberg’s source Apple will launch an HDR ready and 4K TV set-top Box at the event. There have been no leaks about the pricing of this device.

Image by Indian Express

• The Apple Watch:

There might be a new refreshing Apple Watch on the deck in the event. The new Apple Watch supports LTE on board meaning this will allow the users to stream music, navigate maps, make calls or send messages without​ being connected to an iPhone.

These watches will be available for sale by the end of 2017.

Image by Wearables

This is all that we expect to see at the event, if you know more make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

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