Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

The Exciting New Microsoft Surface Pro

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Microsoft Surface Pro laptops have been in the spotlight and a topic of hot debate among the tech-savvy for one reason or another. After Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro, the debate was whether to call it a laptop or a tablet. Then after 4 successful models, Microsoft abandoned the Surface Pro without warning and hence, another debate. The Surface Pro knows how to stay in the limelight!

This year, Microsoft launched the fifth generation Surface Pro, NOT called the Surface Pro 5. It has been named the Surface Pro and that in itself sounds a little ominous. It renders the Surface Pro laptop line a finality we don’t want. But that is pure speculation. What we do know for sure is that the Surface Pro is a line of amazing laptops, getting better with every subsequent model. Microsoft has improved the Surface Pro by leaps and bounds with every successive model and we are very excited!

The Surface Pro has the same 12.3-inch screen, no USB-C port, and a detachable keyboard but now comes with the latest Kaby Lake processor by Intel, upgraded Surface Pen, and an improved battery life. The Pen is quicker to respond than before. These are much-needed improvements, although there’s nothing really to write home about this time. There are small changes and improvements here and there but nothing big and out-of-the-box or completely different which is much needed if Microsoft wants the Surface Pro to stay afloat.

That said, the upgraded specs are a welcome sign and proof that Microsoft has paid heed to customer demands and suggestions and has made much-needed improvements. The Surface Pro box does not contain the Surface Pen anymore. Its price starts at $799 for the Kaby Lake Intel Core m3 processor without added accessories.

Design and Display

Externally, the Surface Pro isn’t much different than its predecessors. But when seen closely, there are certain design changes as well as features that are different as compared to the Surface Pro laptops of the past. The frame is made up of magnesium-aluminum alloy. The display is a 12.3-inch PixelSense touchscreen.

The hinge of the Surface Pro has been modified to bend at an angle of 165-degree in order to make it more convenient for users to use this laptop in multiple ways. The thickness of the Surface Pro is 0.33 inches like its predecessors and weighs 1.73 pounds. Although the Surface Pro now has a larger battery than before, the weight is the same as that of the previous models.

The latest Surface Pro got a new Alcantara Type Cover. The microfiber cloth is extremely comfortable and seems quite the durable option. The key travel is smooth. The edges of the Surface Pro are rounder. Overall, the Surface Pro has retained some great old features typical of its line and has acquired some exciting new features which make the laptop an instant hit with customers who are looking for design, style, and performance.

Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pro Surface Pen 2017

The Surface Pro’s Surface Pen has been greatly upgraded. The pressure sensitivity has been enhanced. This is especially important for those who use their laptops for illustrations and design related stuff. The Surface Pro also detects the Surface Pen even if it is slightly tilted. The previous models did not provide this feature for the Pen. Both the Pen and the Type Cover now come in several new colors.

With all these upgrades comes a little price hike as well. Also, the Surface Pro does not come with the Surface Pen. It has to be purchased separately now. This is so far the only disappointing aspect of the Surface Pro. It should have been included in the box even if the charges were a little more than before for the laptop, just for the sake of convenience of the buyer.


This is not a gaming laptop and most games will just give a poor experience to the user if played on this laptop. This laptop is ideal for illustrators and designers but also good for users who want to use it for routine work. But it sure isn’t great for gaming.

The processor is bigger and better than before. Users can download apps on their Surface Pro from any source hence providing a sense of freedom to users while using this laptop.


The battery of the Surface Pro has gotten a major upgrade. 20% to be more precise. It now has a 20% larger battery that ensures longer battery life. Although the battery is larger, the overall weight of the laptop is the same as previous designs. This has been achieved by reducing the size of the Surface Pro’s motherboard. A smaller motherboard allows for a much needed larger battery, without making the laptop bulky or heavy.


Apart from the disappointing fact that the Surface Pen does not come with the Surface Pro box anymore and the company has just made it supremely uncomfortable for potential customers to buy this laptop with all its accessories, this new 2-in-1 laptop from Microsoft nevertheless has addressed every issue the Surface Pro 4 and previous models had. It has even improved features that weren’t noticed or suggested by users.

The Surface Pro is a seriously amazing laptop for everyone. It is not just designed for illustrators and creative media producers. It is a laptop for everyone. The aesthetically pleasing design, comfort and convenience of use, and amazing features are reasons why this laptop must be considered by potential buyers.

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