OnePlus 7 Pro Render

Everything you need to know about the upcoming OnePlus 7

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OnePlus will be announcing the launch of its next device, the OnePlus 7, on Tuesday, 23rd April. After a lot of teasers on his Twitter page, Pete Lau, OnePlus’s CEO, finally announced that a launch event will be announced on Tuesday. The next “flagship killer” is anxiously awaited by people all around the globe to compete with the new generation of flagships that have come out this year.

Samsung with its Galaxy S10/S10+ and Huawei with its P30 Pro have already launched their flagships for 2019 and they’re impressive, to say the least. However, like all flagships, they cost a fortune and are not affordable to the common man. That’s where OnePlus’s devices come into play. They provide the specs and performance of a high-end smartphone and yet cost a fraction of the price. Their affordability makes them popular among the masses which is why everyone is hyped for the launch of the latest one.

What we know about the new device is that it’ll have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU and will probably have 5G capabilities. OnePlus has also hinted possible wireless charging as well on their Twitter page.  Other than that, we have no idea about the specs of the new device as it hasn’t been officially revealed yet. However, there are a couple of leaks on the internet that seem promising.

To start off, we’ll probably be getting 2 versions of the OnePlus 7. One of which will be the regular variant, the successor to the OnePlus 6T and the base model. The other will be called the OnePlus 7 Pro and it will be a higher-end device with more features compared to the OnePlus 7. This was confirmed by @OnLeaks on Twitter.

The regular OnePlus 7 will have a 6.4″ display with a tear-drop notch, much like the OnePlus 6T. Also, like the 6T, the OnePlus 7 will have a dual rear camera setup except that the primary shooter will be 48MP. The flash will also now reside inside the camera module as opposed to being outside on the previous device.

If this is true then it will stir up some disappointment among potential OnePlus buyers who were expecting something new. The device is a bit too similar to its predecessor with the only changes made on the inside. Regardless, it’ll be a better performer due to its more powerful CPU.

OnePlus 7 Render
Image: @OnLeaks on Twitter

The OnePlus 7 Pro, on the other hand, will get a new design. Though I’m not sure a lot of you will like it. The display will measure 6.64″ diagonally and will be curved at the edges like on Samsung’s flagships. The bezels would be non-existent and there would be no notch resulting in an undisturbed display. However, as you feared, the front camera will be pop-up.

While you’re lamenting on the front camera situation, you’ll be happy to know that the OnePlus 7 Pro will have 3 back cameras. A 48MP primary with a Telephoto and an Ultra-wide unit. This will be a welcome change as OnePlus has never given us Telephoto or Ultra-wide capabilities in even its dual-camera phones. There might also be a separate variant of the 7 Pro that supports 5G.

OnePlus 7 Pro Render
Image: @OnLeaks on Twitter

Both devices are expected to have a 4000mAh battery with support for OnePlus’s 30W Warp Charging, introduced in OnePlus 6T McLaren. The 7 Pro might additionally get Wireless Charging as well, which along with its other features, will significantly bump up its price over the regular OnePlus 7.

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