Fortnite Monster vs Robot

Everything You Need to Know About the Robot Vs Monster Fight in Fortnite

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The Season 9 of Fortnite is in its final phase right now. Players have very little time left to tidy up and finish any challenges that they have yet to complete from previous weeks. If you still haven’t caught up on all of the challenges, you can finish them up easily by consulting our guides here. Anyway, the season is merely days if not hours away from its destructive ending.

Each season in Fortnite goes out with a bang and this will be no different. There is a special event held at the end of every season that triggers a major world event to change the landscape and story of Fortnite and propel us into the next one. This season’s upcoming event has been pretty obvious if you’ve been playing the game.

Robot Vs Monster

You must have definitely noticed the giant robot being built at Pressure Plant by now. It looks like Dr. Frankenstein designed this robot as it just has so many bits and pieces from different Fortnite skins cobbled together. The robot is pretty much finished now and is ready to fight. Who or what is the robot going to be fighting against? Well, the monster that managed to get out of Polar Peak earlier in the season. It has been rampant for a pretty long time and smashes up different parts of the map regularly. The robot is finally ready to take that monster down.

Fortnite Robot

Propaganda posters for the massive fight are scattered around different locations like Mega Mall and Pressure Plant. The Week 10 challenges also required the players to find some of these posters. While the fight is probably just going to be a normal Fortnite event meaning we won’t be able to influence it, it would still be pretty cool if Epic Games added some additional mechanics to interact somehow during the fight. If it is just a classic event, then we’ll have to settle for emotes and banners.

When is the fight happening?

We’ve seen multiple screens counting down to the fight above all of the sky platforms. Other than that, Epic Games has also confirmed that the fight is happening today, on the 20th of July at 2:00 PM Eastern time. You still have some time to ready up for the fight so get some snacks and be there to witness the biggest Fortnite event of them all. While Epic Games has had a pretty good track record of keeping these events free from technical issues, you should still not take any chances. The ideal situation would be logging in and waiting for the event around 10-15 minutes earlier.

Announcement sign location fortnite

You also need to find a good view and location for it. To make sure you do get a good view, logging in a bit earlier and finding a good spot would definitely enhance your experience. However, if you’re worried about the fight being too crowded or something, things should be okay. This would probably have less people watching than the meteors or the Marshmello concert and those were handled pretty well by Epic.

Where would you be able to watch the fight from?

Well, we don’t know the exact location of the fight but as the two things fighting are gigantic, things would be visible from a very long distance. The robot is sitting at Pressure Plant so you could always follow it to the location of the fight. On the other side, the monster will probably start off from the southern part of the map and move northwards. My best guess would be that the fight is going to take place somewhere in Loot Lake. We’re also going to get a special LTM for the fight so it is pretty hard to miss. Epic usually deletes all other LTMs except the one with the big event usually so I’d expect something similar this time around as well. Just hop into that specific event a few minutes before it starts and you should be sorted.

Fortnite Ice Monster

Who is going to win the fight?

I mean, your guess is as good as mine. The monster has been actively destroying parts of the map lately so you could label it as the bad guy. However, we don’t know the intentions and motives behind the robot either so assuming it to be the hero would not exactly be accurate either. Not every pink thing is good. Maybe the robot is being controlled by an evil scientist and the monster is actually here to save us all. Anyway, things are pretty exciting right now and the Fortnite community just cannot wait for the start of Season 10. Let us know in the comments below whether you’re on Team Robot or Team Monster. Whoever wins, let’s just hope it all goes smoothly and everyone has a good time.

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