Everything you need to know about Destiny 2 – Releasing This July

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Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooting game releasing on September 6th by Bungie and Activision. It is a sequel to 2014’s Destiny​. Those who pre-ordered​ the game can experience it on July 18th, other console gamers will have to wait till July 21st. The PC beta version of this game is scheduled for release on October 24th.

What’s new?

The Destiny 2 will have some really pleasing graphics. The game will now feature a new solo campaign called ‘Red War’. It will now support an optimal way of matchmaking known as ‘Guided Games’ which will let players search for clan and team up with experienced players for missions like strike and raid. A new strike mission known as ‘The Inverted Spire’ has been added. The characters known as Guardians will each have their own special abilities.


As the original game, Destiny. The Destiny will also be a first-person shooting, role-playing, and online multiplayer game. By gaining experience points the player’s Guardian will be able to ‘level up’ which will improve performance in the battle.

There will be some recognized characters from the original Destiny. Each of the Guardian has a different play style, each class has their own upgrades. The player will have to choose the class and the species for his character. There are three species in  game, same as the original. They can customize their character. Like the original, there will be two combat modes: Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP).

The Hunters will have access to the  Solar-based “Gunslinger” and its sub-class “Golden Gun”, The Warlocks will have access to new Solar-based sub-class known as “Downblade” and a super know as “Daybreak”, The Titans will have access to Arc-based, sub-class “Striker” and “Fists of Havoc” super. The weapons are divided into 3 categories Kinetic​, Energy and Power weapons.

In Activision’s​ report Hirshberg said: “We think we’ve made a sequel that’s going to have a lot for them to love, too. The cornerstone of that is a great cinematic story that’s been a real focus with a great cast of memorable, relatable characters, coupled with some very nice ways to make the game more accessible to a casual player. Without losing anything that our core players love, we’ve made it more accessible to someone who just wants to have a great, more casual first-person action experience.”


The game continues from where it ended in its sequel, Destiny. The Red Legion and a military-industrial empire of massive amphibians attack the city with an enormous force with​ their emperor Dominus Ghaul. They succeed in their attack and conquer the tower forcing the Guardians to leave. Now the Guardian must prepare themselves for the battle and must acquire new abilities and power in order to fight Dominus Ghaul and The Red Legion.

Destiny 2 is looking like it is gonna make up into the list of best games of 2017 with its amazing graphics, great gameplay and very interesting storyline. The fans are waiting desperately for the release of the game. The Bungie promises to deliver an excellent gameplay and said that it will be as exciting as its sequel which was a hit in 2014.

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