Everything fancy about the new iPad Pro 2019

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At the recent Apple’s keynote event there were three new generation products showcased but the one that got my attention the most is the new iPad Pro 2019. Apple’s new tablet indicate that the company is returning to its finest form.

The home button has been removed which is the first thing that you will notice and from now on you will have to rely on Face ID. This removal has allowed Apple to make the most attractive looking tablet, all the bezels are now slimmer and almost symmetrical which makes the device really pleasing to look at.

It’s just like holding a giant beautiful display in your hands, the new compact design houses an 11-inch display in a similar form factor of the last gen’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the 12.9-inch model is now even more compact. The display is still not AMOLED, it is the same 264 ppi Retina LCD from the previous iPads but this doesn’t mean that it is bad display as it was already really great with its True Tone color adjustments and a high refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Image by Apple

The display corners are now rounded using the same pixel-masking technique as the iPhone XR to give the tablet a modernized look. Moving on to the design of the device, it is now boxier instead of rounded edges which remind me of iPhone 5. This is really good as it provides a better grip and also makes the tablet look very sleek and dense.

The most shocking thing is that how slim the new iPad is, it measures only 5.9 millimeters which is almost half a centimeter. Now of course when the device is going to be this slim then there will be a camera bump and same is the case here.

Talking about the camera, it is a 12-megapixel shooter which I did not get the time to test out but you can expect great image quality as Apple is known for making one of the best smartphone cameras. Now you can even get LTE connectivity if you want but the LTE version has large antenna lines on the back that you will definitely notice.

The next big change that the company has made was substituting the lightning port with 3.1 USB-C port. The USB-C port in undoubtedly better then the lightning port and Apple has seemed to take a note of it. This will allow you to connect your iPad with other peripherals except for the external storage. You can even charge your iPhone or even your Android smartphone using your new iPad. Now USB-C is the only port on this device which means the headphone jack is gone. For what reason? We’ll have to ask Apple.

The new Apple pencil is now also better than ever, it is now smaller with a flat edge which is great as it will now keep rolling away from you. Also, this time it can charge wirelessly by placing it on the side of the iPad where it magnets into place and a little indicator pops up showing that it is charging and the battery percentage.

The Pencil also has a battery saving feature which detects motion and by doing so it knows when you pick it up for using but when it is just lying around unused, it sulks. Also, it features a double-tap shortcut function which in Notes switches between pen and eraser. In other apps, you can even remap the double-tap function. All in all the new Pencil is a huge improvement and feels much nicer.

Taking a look at the specs, the iPad Pro sports Apple’s new A12X processor which has 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU and 10 billion transistors which means that this device is going to be faster and snappier than ever. There are 4 and 6 Gigabyte RAM variants available but according to some rumors, the 6 Gigabyte RAM is only available with the 1 TB storage variant which is really pricey. The storage options are available from 64 GB to all the way up to 1 TB which is really astonishing. Also, there is a full desktop version of the Photoshop arriving on the iPad which is really great for photographers as it will allow them to edit or graphic design on the go.

Image by Slashgear

The detachable keyboard setup is the same as the old one although the Smart connector has now been shifted to the bottom so it connects a bit differently.

Overall, the new iPad Pro is a really impressive piece of hardware which has really struck me with its design and built quality. It is a huge improvement over the last one and brings some new and unique features. We will post a full review of the device when it goes on sale which will start on November 7. The pre-orders are available. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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