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Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2017

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On 5th June 2017, more than 5000 developers and tech geeks gathered around at San Jose Convention center USA to listen to the top executives of Apple including Fedrighi, Phil Schiller and of course Tim Cook, who took the stage for almost 3 hours and announced the new updates on iPhone, MacBook, AppleTV and with some new products release from Apple.

The most appealing announcement Apple made this year is the new HomePod and the new iMac Pro that comes with some serious power packed configurations.

Listed below are the Keynotes from the event in case if you have missed it.

Apple HomePod:


This is the newest product announced by Apple at WWDC ’17, Apple’s New HomePod is a home speaker that is Siri enabled, its doesn’t just provide you quality sound but you can also use it to ask questions from Siri or can read the news or check weather. The new HomPod has 7 anti-distortion tweeters with a 4inch amplifier that produces top-notch sound. One of the most attractive features of the new HomePod is if its placed with the wall, the speakers will automatically spread the sound accordingly so that the sound is not blocked at one place.

The HomePods have 6 multi-dimensional microphones that enable it to hear you even when you are far from the HomePod or if the HomePod is playing loud music. HomePod can also stream over 40 million songs from Apple Music. “Hey Siri” function is great there is a LED screen at top of the speakers that blinks and form waves when your say “Hey Siri”, HomePods are also enabled to control your other home devices. HomePod is packed with A8 chip and the connectivity is just like Apple’s AirPods. You can also connect 2 HomePods at the same time.

The price for HomePod is $349, and it will be available by the end of this year in white and space gray colors.

The New iMac Pro:


After a long wait of almost two and a half years, Apple finally upgraded its iMac in a very powerful way. Even though the machine is not totally redesign but it has become very efficient and powerful. The new iMac has a 5K display with AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU (configurable up to 16Gb) graphics along with 32 Gb of ram and over 4TB of SSD and over 8 Cores of new Intel’s Xeon processor. This according to the Apple Officials is the most powerful and fastest PC Apple ever built.

With the price tag of $4999, the new iMac Pro will be available by the end of this year with a new Space Gray color along with the Space Gray magic mouse and keyboard. The new iMac Pro will be running MacOS High Sierra.

The New 10.5” iPad Pro:

NEW IPAD 10.5-min

The old 9inch iPad has been replaced with the new 10.5 iPad Pro, the two older iPads are still the same though, the new iPad Pro is said to be the fastest iPad in the line with a A10X Fusion Chip, almost the same size as the 9” iPad but with thin bezels, the new 10.5 iPad Pro has Retina display with a 12 mega pixel back and 7 mega pixel front camera, same as the iPhone 7, making it the first iPad to have an HRD video recording option, a USB 3.0 and 64Gb of storage along wit 10 hours battery backup. The new 10.5” iPad Pro is available in 3 basic colors for pre-ordering at a cost of $659.

Apple has also introduced a new feature called ProMotion for iPads which can reduce the Apple’s Pencil’s intermission up to 20.

iOS 11 With Improvements:

iOS 11 With Improvements-min

Apple at WWDC also announced updates for the iPhone and iPads, the new iOS 11 is said to have more features and improved Siri and iMessage functions along with a new AUTO DO NOT DISTURB DRIVING MODE to prevent distractions during driving. This new iOS 11 has some very cool social updates, including the new Control Centre along with multi tasking features for iPads.

Siri has also been improved in speech and now it will help you translate sentences from 5 different languages.

iMessages will now be synchronized with the iCloud means you can save the conversation on your iCloud account. You can also send and receive payments through iMessage from your contacts that is a very cool and handy feature.

Moreover, you can check on Apple Music to see what music your friends are listening to you can also check out the shared playlist of your contacts.

The last and one of the major changes that the new iOS 11 has is AppStore been re-designed completely. For a better discovery and user-friendly interface, the AppStore has been changed and a new feature called App of the day has also been introduced in the AppStore.

The new MacOS High Sierra:

MacOS High Sierra-min

Yes, you are thinking right! The new MacOS has named High Sierra clearly showing that the MacOS wont get any major updates. Some of the minor updates that have been made in the new MacOS are:

Safari will be updated with new features that will help block site trackers and auto playing videos that annoys the users.

Apple has introduced a new Photo-Editing tool that will help you editing your photos if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop on your Mac.

File management system has been updated as well, providing you a speedy dictionary cloning with native encryption, Apple has also updated its Graphics, enabling the support for VR, and a Metal 2 developer kit that you can order separately with an AMD GPU to tune your external graphics apps.

Apple Watch Bring AI!

Apple Watch Bring AI-min

Apple has introduced a new, more accurate and concise interface for Apple Watch in the WWDC 2017, which will display the most important notifications on your Apple Watch. Siri will automatically sort out your reminders, appointments and other notifications. Siri will remind even your photo memories from your iPhone.

WatchOS 4 also brings some fitness features to Apple Watch including some motivational messages about how to stay healthy and how to stay focused on your exercise. You can also sync your Apple Music to watch and listen to it with AirPods while having your iPhone near by.

These were all the Key Notes for WWDC 2017, what do you think about it? Let us know by commenting down below.

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