Epic’s Fortnite mobile is now available for everyone to download – on iOS

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Fortnite became the center of attention, when Epic released a mobile version of their flagship game for iOS users, with a caveat. The game was only available to certain iOS users who had received an invite for the game. Most of us didn’t receive an invite and had to sign up to get in line to receive one.

Invites were served on the first come first basis, yet there were many who couldn’t get one. The good news is that the game is now available for everyone to download on their iOS devices.Now, anyone who had been waiting since ages to play the game on their iOS devices could do so.

The reason why the game wasn’t available to everyone in the first place was that it was still in the beta stage. In beta stages, apps and games normally go through testing to find out any bugs that may hamper user experience. Also, through invite only access, Epic tried to prevent their servers from getting overloaded. Even there, due to immense response, the game suffered from a temporary server load, due to an increased number of users. Through the invite-only access, you could also send an invite to three other friends, if you were already invited.

Though finally, the wait is now over as anyone who owns an iPhone 6s or above, or an iPad mini 4 / Air 2 or later can play the game on their device. Though you would need to upgrade your iOS first since the game is only available on iOS 11.

The news came out this morning when Epic took to Twitter to deliver the good news.

Fortnite has enjoyed quite a success this year, with milestone-breaking news nearly every month. Its users increased exponentially as the game got famous all over the world. Even those, who hadn’t ever heard of the game, signed up for the invite. Maybe, the reason behind the game’s popularity is the game’s free-to-play business model. As the business-minded would know, it is a clever technique to lock in your customer in the future, and perhaps tempt them to buy in-game costumes, items, and even a 3-month subscription service as well.

Courtesy their excellent business model, it is safe to say that Fortnite has an edge over their rivals and the actual battle royale pioneer, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This is also because the game is much more fun to play and is backed by regular updates from the Epic team. Thus, this made the game lead the Online Multiplayer games since it was launched back in September 2017.

Their regular updates included a live action replay feature which was liked by many. Recently, they also released another great feature out there: “Snipers-only” game mode. Along with this, there was a homing missile weapon, and a plethora of in-game clues as well.
Now that the game is available to all, it is a matter of time, before Fortnite is downloaded by the masses. On a serious note, Epic would need to be on alert at all times, since server outages are expected any time in the first week.

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