Entry Grades to be Changed in Bristol University to Increase Diversity

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Bristol University have announced that they intend on proceeding with an initiative aimed at decreasing the regular standards for grades amongst all students, as a means to increase the integration amongst them.

This initiative would serve as a great advantage for students that range from all sorts of varied ethnicities and backgrounds.

According to recently published statistics and reports, it revealed that young children who were offered free meals at a school were deemed extremely unlikely to be granted an opportunity in entering a more prestigious education later on, compared to those who are privileged.

These new statistics have shocked Prime Minister Theresa May, who upon being appointed to office had strived for equality on all matters to be the main objective for the government to fulfill.

The statistics show that those who were are more financially privileged have received chances in being granted into higher educational systems by about five times more than those who are less financially able. Considering these new statistics, this would serve as the broadest gap between the wealthy and poor citizens that has been reached since back in 2006.

The Initiative

As a part of Bristol’s initiative, they will set out to permit what is referred to as “high potential” students within each and every school, which would not only focus on the results of student’s exams but would allow more flexibility so to examine as well through the teachers the student’s potential as a whole and how far they have progressed.

Bristol University added as well that they would take into account the financial status and other backgrounds for the student so as to allow a rather fair revision for the opportunity to be accepted in their institution.

Hugh Brady, the vice president for the university, said that these focal points will be implemented in order to tackle an ongoing conflict that has been witnessed throughout the educational system.

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