Enjoy Solo Traveling with these Apps

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No matter how many times you have traveled around, when it comes to solo traveling, it can be nerve-racking sometimes. You may face tough time planning stuff for making your journey tension-free, But what if ‘not someone’ but ‘something’ plans everything perfect for you? Some tech-companies have taken great measures to make sure your vacation trip and travel is full of fun and safe.

Going on a pre-planned trip is less adventurous but going on a sudden planned trip, in which you get to decide what you want to do at the moment is more fun. Travel once like this and you would never go buying a pre-planned trip ever again. If you are a travel junky and all set to have an adventurous trip then you might need a collection of apps which are utterly best for the Solo Travelers.

Serentrip-Find Travel Buddy:

If all of your friends are busy and you don’t want to go on a trip all alone then Serentrip is perfect for you. It enables to find a travel buddy with whom you can enjoy the trip.


The app finds a travel buddy for you according to your travel dates, destinations, and travel plans.  Without revealing any personal information, the user can talk to each other and when you decide to join that person just hit the ‘Join Chat’ option and you will be able to check out the profile of your travel buddy on social media.

If you get bored of traveling alone during a journey, just install the app and find your travel buddy and enjoy your journey.


Traveling by air costs a bomb, the tickets fares are usually very high and if a traveler is really willing to save some cash then make sure to install Hopper in your smartphones.

Hopper app is quite handy which analyzes airfare for numerous air companies on regular basis. A solo traveler can easily purchase air tickets at an optimal time. For specific destinations, the ‘watch a flight’ option is quite amazing as it enables the traveler to buy tickets at lowest price.


The color coded calendar is the best option for the travelers who don’t have specific travel dates as it shows the dates on which the airfares are cheapest. Hopper is ideal for those who don’t want to spend all their savings in fares.

Travel List:

Forgetting essentials is the common issue faced by most of the travelers and when one is traveling alone it is necessary to be fully-equipped as there is no companion from whom things can be borrowed.

Travelers can create a fully customized list of essentials which facilitates them to keep a track of everything plus it also keeps a track of the trip schedule for saving you from missing any flight.

Travel List is a boon for forgetful travelers as it’s pretty helpful, the reminder and calendar feature notifies the traveler to pack all the essentials which one will need during the journey so one can have a comfortable trip.


To make your trips memorable Airbnb is at your service, a comfortable place to stay during the journey is important and Airbnb offers around 2.5 million homes in over 192 countries around the world.


For a solo traveler, it is quite accommodating and travelers can search for homes by amenities, neighborhood, and price. The application has an elongated list of accommodations and the recommendation feature shows all the notable restaurants, bars, secret places which traveler can visit.

Searching for accommodations at the last minute won’t trouble, just install Airbnb and make your journey unforgettable.


In order to enjoy the journey, it’s necessary to eat and finding a good restaurant in a foreign state is awfully difficult especially when a traveler is all alone. But, Foodspotting is here to take you out from hot water as it facilitates the travelers to find any food in the local restaurants.

The personalizing feature let the traveler mark their favorite dishes or hides the dishes which the user dislikes.

No need of going to MC Donalds or KFC, Foodspotting helps in discovering the best locals dishes at best local restaurants which will enlighten your taste buds.

Google Translate:

If you are traveling all alone and you are unable to understand the local language of the place then Google Translate is there to help. The application is like owning a personal translator which can translate up to 103 languages.

The Instant Camera translation option is more benefiting, just by pointing your smartphone camera towards the text; the app will translate the text in 37 languages. The Phrasebook feature let the user save the translation for future references.

Just install Google Translate and enjoy the friendly conversation with the locals.


Traveling alone in an unknown city or country can be dangerous even the public transport is always available but is quite unreliable. Uber is a ridesharing application for reliable and fast rides, there is no need of waiting for a taxi or bus, just request for the ride and Uber will be at your doorstep.


Requesting for a cab is very easy plus the fares are quite reasonable. Traveling alone is no more frightening, just install Uber and request for a secure ride which will drop you safely at your destination.


CityMaps2Go is one of the most popular travel apps, it works likes travel companion as it facilitates the travelers with reliable information and directions. It is a complete package which turns your smartphone into a digital guide which leads you to the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The ‘Offline’ option is a boon for those who dislike the idea of running around the city to look for a Wi-Fi connection. Users can pin their sights and locations into a personal route.

Travelers can travel all alone across the globe as with CityMaps2Go you will never ever get lost.

Smart 24×7:

All solo travelers sometimes encounter some pesky thoughts about their safety especially when the solo traveler is a woman. The Smart 24×7 works like a personal guard as it is a security application which is linked to the cops.

The ‘panic’ button directly connects you to the cops or emergency contact plus the app has a special feature which let the user click snaps or record video/audio of a specific situation.  Smart 24×7 has unique tracking features which will keep you safe and secured.

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