Enjoy a new level of security with SkyBell’s smart HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

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For turning your house into a smart home, Sky Bell brings out a new technology; ‘SkyBell’s HD Wi-Fi Video Door Bell’ that astoundingly adds an additional layer of security to keep your home out of danger.

These days, the security is the major issue and if it comes to our homes, and SkyBell’s latest HD Wi-Fi Video doorbell can play a great role in the security and surveillance of your home.

The device can be simply controlled from the smartphone plus it can be installed easily. The camera of the door bell in high definition video delivers, 120 to 130-degree field of view.

If you usually keep the lights off of your porch, the camera will clearly show the outer view as the HD WiFi Video door bell encompass night vision feature. For providing additional security, Sky Bell has a built-in motion sensor and also comes with a two-way audio feature.

SkyBell’s latest door bell has some incredible features which caught our eyes; along with the full night vision feature, it also comes with four different resolutions. The Omni-directional microphone and speaker facilitates the user to talk to the visitor from anywhere in the house.

Usually, home door bells stops working during the heavy rain and sometimes the rain water damages the door bells and to avoid this damage, SkyBell has especially designed the HD Wi-Fi Video door bell for outdoor usage.

The water-resistant feature keeps the doorbell safe from any damages which can be caused by a heavy rainstorm. From -40 degrees to 140 degrees, the unit can easily sustain, so how bizarre the weather is the Sky Bell’s door bell will maintain the security.

The SkyBell facilitates the user to customize the unit according to their needs; users can switch on and off the outdoor and indoor chimes whenever they want plus the motion detection feature notifies the user via text message if any motion is detected.

Users can also select the image quality according to their need, the device offers 4 settings option but according to a test, the 720p (Good) is ideal for the usage.

Whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, the SkyBell’s HD door bell will immediately click the photos and will record the video of the visitor which sounds utterly amazing.

The cloud storage feature enables to store the videos for up to 7 days, so the users don’t have to fear about losing the stored images and videos. And if users want to store the video and images for an elongated time, they can easily download them to their smartphones.

The most profound thing about SkyBell’s HD Wi-Fi Video door bell is its compatibility as it amazingly works with a number of devices.

The company launches the SkyBell Connect service which can link SkyBell HD with other devices for creating a well-built and strong home security system. It is also Alexa enabled, as it facilitates the users to control it through their Echo Dot, Amazon Echo or third party Alexa supported hubs easily.

SkyBell HD is also compatible with Zigbee and Z-wave devices or with any system with 2.4 GHz wireless range extender. The SkyBell incredible doorbell comes in two colors; the black and the silver.

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video door bell costs $199 and can be easily purchased from SkyBell’s official website or from its retail partners; The Home Depot, Best Buy, and Amazon.


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