Enhance your Whac-A-Mole playing experience with Microsoft’s HoloLens

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If you thought 3D movies or real-time playing games like Pokemon Go were the future then you have failed to realize the technological advancements happening world over. And a virtual reality and augmented reality developer at Capitola CR is all set to further enhance your sci-fi gaming experience.

David Robustelli working at the Amsterdam-based company has developed a prototype of an AR Whac-A-Mole game that was first seen in Black Mirror’s popular episode, Playtest. A video posted by Robustelli shows an individual playing the game that was created using the Microsoft HoloLens.

The developer explained how the prototype app stimulates AR technology into the real world in a post published on UploadVR, explaining how it hits the mole as they pop up and immediately disappear. In the post Robustelli writes that “by combining the HoloLens’ spatial mapping capabilities with hand tracking, the player can hit the mole on the head.”

In other words, if you are playing the game, all you need to do is hold your hands in a ready state, almost freezing till you spot the mole. While at it, lift your index finger upwards.This will help the HoloLens to identify your hand and create a collider in return on your hand. The hologram stimulates to track your hand while in that state of readiness that in return causes the collider to be positioned at the same spot your hand actually is.

Initially, it will probably take you time to get a hang of the game but it’s actually really simple! As soon as the HoloLens recognizes your hand, your hand can whack the mole on its head by colliding with it.

Microsoft’s HoloLens, an innovative AR headset, has been one of American multinational’s well-thought out products aimed at enhancing the real world around you. The AR technology is a holographic computer built into the tech giant’s headset that allows you to interact, see and hear within the comforts of your living room or perhaps the more conventional office spaces.

The holograms bring you the perfect combination of your real, tangible and physical world with your digital world, giving way to a mixed reality. Microsoft HoloLens lets you create a single canvas of two starkly different environments, where you can create an array of experiences to enjoy from.

And the Whac-A-Mole game is just a small attempt at mixing augmented reality with your physical reality. Although the app isn’t currently available but it sure spikes much interests, especially amongst people who are waiting for the slightest opportunity to mixed the two realities to enhance their experience of viewing the world around them. Window’s Mixed Reality VR headsets will also only be available within a few months. But the creation of the two surely shows how far AR and VR technologies have come.

Last year, Microsoft came up with at least three games as part of the HoloLens. These were RoboRaid, Fragments and Young Conker. Each game brought something new to the table with different genres. While Fragments was a virtual reality crime drama, Young Conker is on the side of humor, which is perhaps associated with the brand Conker itself. Both of these games can be played in the comforts of your home with everyday objects present in your own living room.

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