Emirates Airlines – Most Popular Airline by Trip Advisor

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Emirates Airlines have once again clinched the first position in the rankings of ‘top 10 world’s best airlines’ issued by one of the most popular traveler’s sites of the world-Trip Advisor from the total of the 50 selected airlines.

It’s not the first time that Emirates Airlines have been bestowed with the title of the most popular airline by travelers. Skytrax Worlds Airline awards have awarded the Emirati Carrier with the same title last year in the month of June 2016, since then it has continued to maintain its position as a No.1 airline.

Interestingly, it’s been the first time the travelers site-Trip Advisor has issued their rankings on the basis of the most popular choice.

The online voting by the users of the website revealed that Emirates Airline the

Most ‘picked’ airline in the duration of last 12 months. The results were concluded on the basis of the ratings and comments submitted by the users for the 50 airlines selected for the competition.

Not only it has been awarded as the most popular airline but voters have also voted for the Best Economy class and First class experience on the basis of the quality of the services offered to the passengers. Also, has won the award for the Best Major Airline-Middle East and Africa.

Emirates airline so far is reaching to 140 top destinations in the world with a fleet consisting of A380, Boeing 777-300 Boeing 700-300EL, Boeing 700-200LR.

The airline is currently spending huge investments in making their career more satisfying and offering a rich experience to their travelers. With private suites and showers spas in First-class, of A380, they have by far left behind European and American originated airlines in terms of luxuries offered by any carrier in the sky.

The most recent addition introduced in the luxury package in their A380 passenger’s aircraft is the A380 Onboard lounge for their first and business class passenger only.

Emirates Airline following a degrading comment passed by the CEO of United Airline who said ‘‘Those airlines are not airlines” have given a strong reply in wake of the recent United Airline controversy hit the news a few days back.

However, another airline securing the position of the 2nd most popular airline is Singapore Airline, belonging to Asia-Pacific region. Singapore Airline in the last two decades has seen a glorifying conversion from a regional airline to an international airline with regularly gaining awards for best services on the basis of populism among the travelers.

Third in the list of the most popular airline is the international carrier from Brazilian a Latin American region, Azul Airline.

A newbie in comparison to the other top rated airlines in the list, the airline has fast become the third largest airline of the country offering safe flights to America and Europe from its beginning of operations merely 9 years ago in 2008.

However below mentioned is the list of the 10 most popular travelers choice:

1) Emirates Airline, United Arab Emirates

2) Singapore Airline, Singapore

3) Azul Airline, Brazil

4) JetBlue, United States

5) Air New Zealand, New Zealand

6) Korean Air, South Korea

7) Japan Airlines, Japan

8) Thai Smile, Thailand

9) Alaska Airlines, United States

10) Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia.

In the above list, the trends show the popularity of the airlines in Asia-pacific region has clearly outnumbered the airlines from the American and European origin. Which also means that more concentration of travelers is found in Asia-pacific regions with Aviation industry developing in this region at a fast pace in contrast to other Aviation industries in other regions.

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