Emerging Technology Trends that we can expect in 2020

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Looking forward to the innovations and technology trends, a report released on Thursday by Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, which states that upcoming future technology trends are something more than hype. This report unveils the great promises made by technology in producing significant upper hand advantage for companies throughout the following 5 to 10 years.

Technology is making progress speedily day by day, for example, 5G technology to improve the processing speed, Blockchain technology emerging as a new trend to improve the ways of collaboration, Quantum computing to invent fully-functional and fully-working supercomputers and Machine learning and artificial intelligence present a platform for smart business operations.

So, here going to discuss some innovative future trends that are surely helpful to shape the future and it is worth investing money on them.

Human Augmentation: The main purpose of this newly emerging technology is to enhance human productivity, creativity, and capability or adding something to enhance the smart working ability in the human body. This may be also called human 2.0. As we update the software of a digital device to get the best available version of it, scientists are working on the human body to update the version.

According to a report, advanced technologies that are emerging in this field include biochips, personification, biotech, augmented intelligence, and emotion artificial intelligence.

Burke who is a research vice president at Gartner reported, “When we talk about augmented humans we are talking about providing people with immersive experiences. Whether this is through immersive workspaces, which allows you to work virtually from anywhere, or physical experiences like prosthetic limbs.”

Examples of Human Augmentation:

  • Advanced sensory devices
  • Orthotics to enhance motion or muscle capability

In addition to this, successive efforts are being made in this field to improve quality-of-life using an advanced technical approach.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence:

From drive-less vehicles to the project of making robots having human-like characteristics, the field of Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence today is limited to perform facial recognition tasks, make internet searches, or only driving a car. This is basically known as narrow or weak AI. But now the goal is to come up with an advanced but devastating technology that is general or strong AI. This can perform all the tasks like a human even at the cognitive level.

Burke said: “AI is a pervasive trend. We are seeing significant advances in AI algorithms, where AI is being used, and how AI is being democratized, so that it’s not just strictly in the realm of giant tech companies, but are now available to end-user organizations.”

Sensing and Mobility:

These two seems really very different things but if you see according to science, you’ll find out the close relationship between these two concepts. All human body responses like movement are the result of sensing abilities.

Burke said, “Sensing and mobility sound like two very different things, but they are actually very closely related, in that it is sensing that is enabling mobility.” According to a recent report some of the rising technologies in this area are:

  • 3D- sensing camera
  • AR cloud
  • Flying autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous driving vehicles
  • Light cargo delivery response

Above all, Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019 will throw some light on the other trending and emerging technologies.

There are many fascinating technologies to look forward in 2020. As we are enjoying a lot of digital technologies that have made our work easier but the good news never ends up here there is still, in any case, a great deal of space for more development. We are hopeful to see a lot of drastic changes in future innovations in 2020 so it is going to be an intriguing year for real tech organizations.

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