Electroneum Mobile Mining App expected to be out this week

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With the cryptocurrency boom taking place, most minds are taking this as an opportunity to get rich quickly. Through mining, it is possible to get some cryptocurrency coins which can then be later on converted to cash. Now it will be possible to mine some cryptocurrency off just using your phone through the Electroneum Mobile Mining App.

Cryptomining usually requires heavy hardware, specifically GPUs which are in great demand these days. This has caused the GPU prices to rise exponentially, and thus it is not possible for everyone to spend a large sum of money where the return is not that much. For this, the perfect solution would be a mobile mining app which can mine currency for you right from your phone.

Since most of us today usually happen to have a smartphone, this app can be quite useful for those who want to make quick money on the go. According to Electroneum which spoke to its subscribers a couple of days ago:

“We’ve had an unbelievable week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, meeting some of the top influencers in the global mobile market. We’ve spoken to dozens of network operators and are extremely confident we will take our user reach to over 200m with these new deals and probably a lot more. It’s been fantastic to see how excited executives from mobile operators can get about the Electroneum opportunity for their users.”

According to them, the Android version of their app shall be available to the public by the 5th of March, i.e. Monday. The iOS is expected to follow suit.

They are going to ensure that the Android users don’t feel any difficulty using the app, and their experience wouldn’t be below par. For this, they are going to wait till their whole team is back from Barcelona. This shall also help them gain attention in media, and eventually create hype for the app. It is true that most of the crypto miners were delighted and expected to have this app out already, but waiting until Monday is the better option.

If you are confused as to what the app is then you can follow this video interview which would fill you in with relevant details in a short span of time.

They have a vast mission: Spread cryptocurrency all over the world. It should be noted that especially in developing countries, it is not easy to acquire cryptocurrency, this platform should surely make it easier for them.

Through the app, people shall be able to earn a few US dollars worth of cryptocurrency each month. It won’t require much electricity and won’t take much data either. Not only this, but the app is as easy as a piece of cake and you won’t require technical knowledge. Sure the amount of money won’t really sound that lucrative but think of it as a future investment. What if one of the currencies you mine suddenly see a boom, and those few dollars turn into hundreds.

Surely, you won’t mind that considering the fact that there isn’t any initial investment. Moreover, the app shall also provide a way to spend your money earned through the app too. They have collaborated with various payment partners making it easier to buy stuff using the app.

That said, you just have to wait till the 5th of March to try out the app. Till then, just follow our website to stay further updated with any news about the app.

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