Electric Skateboard is a New Cool these days

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Our daily means of transportation always keep evolving. There are tons of Electric modes of transport out in the market. At very first we had electric bikes then electric cars and after many failed attempts and experiments we now have electric skateboards or longboards​.

Electric skateboards​ are becoming very trendy these days because​ it is a great way of having fun and you can even use an electric skateboard as a typical mean of transportation.

This Transportation is popping up all over the place and urban commuter are using it more often to go to the gym or school or other short distance places, this provides a joyful experience while traveling.

According to our research, there are 20 companies and nearly 50 well known electric skateboards out there. These devices can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars so it can get pretty challenging to find the best electric skateboard that fits your requirements.

Down below we have reviewed some of the best electric skateboards so you can get your hands on the best one that will fit your riding style.

• Boosted Board Dual +:

Boosted is the most well known skateboard company that stands above all the other skateboard companies. Boosted Board Dual plus is their best selling skateboard out of the three skateboards they have released up til now.

It has a dual motor technology, 2000 watts of power. Both the motors are independent which helps the rider cut through hard turns. This board can top out at 22 miles per hour and there are four different modes available for riding including beginner, eco, expert and pro. Each mode has different speed limits, beginner mode has a speed limit of 11 miles per hour while Pro mode provides lets you hit with all power and provides amazing acceleration.

The built quality of the board is pretty impressive and is a major upgrade to its predecessor, both the boards look the same but the Dual + is now water and dust resistant. There is also a battery indicator in the new board and 80 millimeter tires.

The remote is pretty similar to last one, it is a pistol style remote with a trigger for acceleration. Overall riding experience has been improved. The remote lets you monitor battery and on a single charge, you can get somewhere around 6-7 miles. It has Fast charging and in just 60 minutes it gets fully charged.

Image by Ergonomic Mobility

• Yuneec E-Go Cruiser:

Yuneec E-Go Cruiser as its name suggests is more concerned about cruising long distances. If you are more into traveling long distances rather than speed then this might be the board you’re looking for.

This skateboard is a much less expensive option than the Boosted Board Dual plus. On a single charge, you can travel up to 13 miles and has a top speed of 12 miles per hour. It has a 400 watt motor.

There are four modes available to control the board including slow and fast for speed, eco and sport for performance.

The board is lightweight and has decent built quality along with water resistance. It provides smoother ride experience than the Boosted boards. The only down point of the board is that it does not have fast charge and takes up to 4-5 hours to charge the battery.

Image by Electric Boarder

• Inboard M1:

The Inboard M1 skateboard is popularly known for its design. It looks very attractive and has a Sharp structure with LED headlights and taillights to provide a safer ride at night. It has interchangeable batteries that can easily be swapped, this allows the user to travel even longer distances.

This skateboard has an excellent built quality and is specifically design for skating enthusiasts. It provides very quiet and smooth riding experience even at top speeds.

The max speed of the board is 24 miles per hour and on a single charge, it can travel up to 10 miles. It has fast charging and gets fully charged in 90 minutes.

The design of the remote is unique and is fairly simple to use. You can turn the board on and off by using the remote instead of turning it off from the board itself.

Image by Epic RVA

• Marbel 2.0:

Marbel 2.0 is one of the fastest and most lightweight board on our list. This skateboard is for the one who is looking for high speed as well as wants to travel long distances. It also has headlights and taillights​ which will allow help you to drive in dark.

The skateboard has a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour and can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge. It also has fast charging and gets fully charged in 90 minutes.

This skateboard can also be pushed by foot when it gets out of charge, this feature is only available in few boards. The braking is also regenerative means when you apply the brake the captured energy is stored in the battery to provide more power.

Image by Marbel

• Dynacraft Surge:

Dynacraft Surge is the last electric skateboard in our list. This skateboard is particularly designed for kids as it can only hold up to 145 pounds. The maximum speed is about six miles per hour on a single charge it can travel up to six miles. These specifications are pretty decent for a kid.

This board is the heaviest in our list and weighs about 22 pounds but this weight helps in safety and stability while riding. It comes with a pistol style remote with a trigger for acceleration and is quite easy to operate. This board can serve as a perfect Christmas gift for your child.

Image by Skateboarder


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