EK Water Block surprisingly releases water block for Nvidia’s Titan V GPU

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As global warming increases each year, you really need to provide adequate cooling to your GPU, else they would fry soon. There are many companies out there which provide GPU cooling solutions, yet EK Water Blocks stands out amongst them. They have now surprised us yet again by revealing a full-cover water block for Nvidia’s Titan V GPU, the most powerful GPU, powered by Volta.

Ek Water Blocks is known for quickly responding to every Nvidia or AMD’s graphics card release by supporting them as soon as possible. Though this new release for Nvidia’s Titan V wasn’t foreseen by anyone. This is because this Nvidia GPU is certainly the most powerful GPU ever even today when it has been three months since its release in December 2017.

The GPU is perfectly capable of providing a whopping 110 teraflops of processing power. This outmatches the last great flagship GPU by the company itself known by Titan Xp so much that for deep learning tasks, Titan V proved 9 times more powerful.

Though, it should be noted that the most powerful GPUs in the form of Titan series,  was rather surprisingly not intended towards the gaming community. But, nobody was going to stop hardcore gamers to spend more than a $1000 on just a GPU to fulfill their gaming craving.

Unfortunately, Nvidia got more serious this time, and the Titan V GPU was launched with an incredibly high price tag of $3000, more than threefold. This seriously halted their sales to gamers which weren’t actually intended in the first place. With a few gamers opting for this GPU due to high cost, it is rather surprising and also appreciated that Ek Water Blocks lived up to their reputation and released a water block for this GPU as well.

The design is pretty simple, it wholly covers the Titan V, and the water block touches the heat generating parts of the GPU directly. This also includes the GPU die as well as the Voltage Regulation Modules known commonly as VRM. Also, the 12 GB of HBM2 memory is included too. The principal functionality is similar to other water blocks, in a way that courtesy the EKWB’s high-flow central inlet split-flow cooling engine, the components are regularly kept cool.

The people behind launching this product either didn’t know that there wasn’t much gaming customer base for this product or they just released this to live up to their reputation of supporting every Nvidia model GPU which is released. On top of this, there are even two variants for this product, when there aren’t offered more than one on low volume products by the company.

According to tomshardware, “EKWB offers the block with a black POM acetal top and, for those who prefer to see the fluid pass through their components, a clear acrylic version. Both options feature nickel-plated electrolytic copper bases. The company doesn’t offer a bare copper option.”

If you want to use it as a single slot graphics card, there is also a single slot bracket already included in the purchase of the Titan V water block to help in this transformation.

As for the price, they don’t really cost that much, since a cooling block for just $149 is totally worth it if you are going to spend $3000 on a gaming card anyways. It is available on both the EK webshop and also over the resellers. Therefore, it would be wise to spend this cash on your GPU, otherwise, it would end up getting heat damage sooner than later.


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