Dygma Raise Keyboard

Dygma Raise – This Split Gaming Keyboard is a new cool

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Our lives are often spent in front of the screens, continuously typing and typing stuff. We all know how tired we get and strain on the fingers at the end of such a hectic day. The fingers getting tired isn’t just for a common office worker, but also ranges from hardcore gamers to casual computer users. It’s just that writing down words and words exhausts you simply. What if we tell you the perfect solution? There is a divided keyboard called Raise, which aims to solve all your problems.

It isn’t just one of the best gaming keyboards around. Basically, the keyboard splits down the middle, and thus the two parts can be used separately. What it does is improve your performance, health, and comfort. The company built an earlier prototype and then undertook trials which yielded positive feedback. Therefore, the company went on to release the product.

Why a split keyboard?

Courtesy a split keyboard, expect your wrists to be always straight. This indirectly means much less strain on them. Moreover, if you ever wanted a single keyboard if you are really accustomed to the old one whole keyboard thing, then you can always combine the two parts together.

Also, if the keyboard is split, you can simply replace one of the parts with a mouse making more room for it. For instance, when you are gaming, you might just need the left part of the keyboard for controls, and not the right part, so you can remove that making it more spacious for the mouse to move in.

Raise: Dygma
Raise: Dygma

SpaceBar is so mainstream

Spacebar was meant to aid those in typing during the typewriter days, where it was much difficult to write. Now that things are becoming simpler, it’s time that the design was updated to match our current needs. For this, the keyboard has the space bar divided into 4 and beneath these 4 keys, are additional 4 buttons. These buttons map to backspace, control, and alt, making them more easily accessible.

Raise: Dygma
Raise: Dygma

Compact Design

It’s not unusual for a gaming keyboard to have loads of buttons. To be honest, there is no point in doing so, since this keyboard has the perfect alternative. There is more space for the mouse because this keyboard is smaller than 60 percent of an average gaming keyboard. Furthermore, courtesy its symmetry it won’t be hard to play for left handers or right handers. On the contrary, it would be rather comfortable.

The best thing is, you can remap the arrows, numpad, volume control and other keys to what you want. Thus, avoiding the need for extra keys altogether. Therefore, don’t be let down by its size. By simple reconfiguration which suits your needs, your keyboard would have the same functionality as any other gaming keyboard and shall take much less space.

Split Palm Rests

With split palm rests, you should rest assured that your wrists shall be in a neutral position while you are typing. This leads to a better typing speed and reduces the stress on the wrists.

Fully customizable

The layout of the keyboard is fully customizable and thus easily reconfigured. With any key supporting macros and being rebindable, you are set to use them however you want.

As for now it isn’t yet known when the product shall be released, but if you want an early bird 40% discount then you can avail it courtesy the crowdfunding campaign. Better not to miss out on this opportunity.

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