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DualSense PS5 Controller can recognize users and select profile, hints patent

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PS5 is the latest upcoming sensation for console gamers. Sony has gone into hiding somewhere after the June event. The company has given no further information whatsoever after the last event about the expected release or even pricing.

The only source of information about this new console is leaked patents and images on the internet. Previously, we saw a license explaining the new cooling solution in the PlayStation 5. This time we have a hint of new features coming with the upgraded controller. The new controller, which Sony now calls DualSense, will feature a system that will let it recognize users for automatically selecting the right profile.

ps5 playstation 5

As the release date draws closer and closer, more details about the upcoming PS5 pop-up. One of the significant sources for leaks and speculations are patents. Sony has published various patents after the announcement of this new console. Previous patents from the company mentioned ideas like more that one GPUs for increased performance method used for quite some time on the PC side. Not to forget their unorthodox cooling solution to kill the annoying fan roar from the PS4.

This new patent, however, shares an insight into what Sony has planned for the PS5 DualSense controller. According to an image on twitter, the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will have dedicated sensors in place to profile each user. The Image was posted by @PS5only over at twitter and shows the details of this patent.

This will play an essential role in improving the VR experience in the new console as well as faster sign-ins to games and services. VR is one of the main frontiers in gaming right now. With improved lighting features like Ray Tracing and better texture production, we are surely closer to the pinnacle of virtual reality. There are certainly some hardware limitations, but we hope Sony keeps on bringing new features like this.

What We Know:

Coming back to DualSense, Sony first revealed the DualSense PS5 controller to the world in a PlayStation Blog post on April 7, 2020. They also posted some images of the controller on their social media accounts to cause hype in the fandom. This controller brings some game-changing features on the table. One of the main ones worth diving into is the Haptic Feedback.

Haptic feedback will replace the DualShock 4’s vibration motors. While the vibration motors seen in the PS4 controller did vibrate intensely during particular in-game events. The feel wasn’t particularly fine-tuned to the player’s experience.

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Haptic feedback is engineered to simulate human touch. This means that the new controller will output vibrations or movements to replicate a real-life touch experience. This will not online improve controller feedback but will also increase the player’s immersion. Thereby creating a more believable gaming environment.  In addition, the new DualSense controller will also come with adaptive triggers. According to Sony, the adaptive system has  “been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2)”. These adaptive triggers will allow game developers and engineers to program the resistance of the triggers to simulate actions more accurately.

Dualsense controller

Similarly, as we saw in our smartphone industry the world is moving for wireless audio. Most of the top-end phones have lost the traditional headphone jack. However, the PS5 controller will still feature an audio jack. So that players can plug in their wired headphones and headsets.

PlayStation project manager Toshimasa Aoki tweeted this in response to a question from a user. Lastly, since we’re on the topic of audio the DualSense 5 will also have a built-in microphone for the better audio experience.

With all these new features it is fair to assume that the DualSense PS5 controller, like the DualShock 4 before it, will work not only on the PlayStation 5 but also with PC. So PC gamers can have some of the cake too.

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