Dreams becoming reality, AeroMobil commercially launches its first flying car

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From an elongated time technology is working to make our dreams come true, each day science and technology together is doing wonders in this world and the remarkable discoveries are changing the whole outlook of this world.

Now you will witness science fiction movies turning into reality as the Flying cars are not a dream anymore, AeroMobil has recently announced that the flying cars on which they were working for a long time are now commercially available.

This remarkable invention is the biggest news of the century, many people were working upon this and some of them claimed that it’s impossible to invent such sort of the car but AeroMobil has proved them wrong.

This fully functioning car turns into an aircraft as well, hybrid engine installed in this car which makes it environment-friendly and will lessen the air pollution too.


For driving this remarkable and fully functioning car you will not only need a driving license but a pilot license as well.

According to the company, they are taking the pre-orders which will be shipped in 2020; the added time let the company produce more vehicles to meet the number of orders.

This two-seated vehicle transforms from a car into airbus within 3 minutes which is awe-inspiring, with an amazing driving range of 700 km on road and 750 km in air at its top speed.

Traveling from place to place via this vehicle will be much easier. The speed of this vehicle which is 160kmph on road and 360kmp in the air is simply maleficent and astonishing.

The company is working vehemently to make their vehicle safe enough to make this evident on the people and officials that the vehicle can be delegated with precious human lives.

The vehicle is fully equipped to meet any calamity, it features an air bag and parachute to keep the travelers secure if any accident takes place in the air.

The vehicle is no less than a boon in this century as it is a solution to various traffic problems. On the other hand, its environmental friendly feature makes it more pertinent and suitable for us in this era.

The vehicle gives access traveling to long distances, on the other hand, it saves millions of dollars which are utilized in the development of infrastructures.

On the other hand, these flying cars will be less complicated and easy to drive if compared with the drones and jet planes which make its maintenance significantly much easier.

After this announcement, companies like Uber seem to be interested in purchasing such vehicles to expand their business on a huge level.

This remarkable discovery of AeroMobil will definitely give a new and miraculous outlook to this world. We all have seen flying cars in movies but in 2020 will we see them in reality.

This flying car comes with a handful of advantages, environmental friendly, easy to use, decrease the traffic and moreover saving a huge amount of capital.

On the other hand, we can assume that this tremendous technology will unquestionably cost a bomb. The price range of AeroMobil flying car is around $1.3 to $1.7 million which is beyond doubt a huge amount of money.

Winding up, people are drooling over this latest and new technology and it seems that in future we will witness numerous of flying cars, making our lives easier and better.

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