Does the recent discovery by NASA actually prove the existence of Parallel Universe?

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Scientists have discovered an anomaly in the form of “a fountain of high energy particles” using NASA’s instruments, but is it enough evidence to support the existence of a parallel universe?

According to a few reports, NASA has found the evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backward and the laws of physics are opposite.

There is no doubt that this explanation has a lot of charisma to it, but it is, unfortunately, not the only plausible explanation to this anomaly. These high energy particles, believed to be ‘neutrinos’, are coming from a different angle than they should. They usually shower down from the space, are reflected by the ice surface, and are detected by ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna). ANITA can ‘listen’ to the cosmos and detect high energy neutrinos that are constantly showered upon Earth.

But, what’s so different this time?

This is not the first time that this ‘anomalous’ phenomenon has been observed. It has been observed before in 2014 and 2016, but was disregarded as noise or glitch. The particles seem to emerge from the ice, rather than reflected by it. This has scientists scratching their heads. This behavior contradicts our knowledge of the world as we know it and cannot be explained by the laws of physics.

Amidst all this, a pay-walled report by New Scientist published on April 8 has its own explanation. The report is titled as, “We may have spotted a parallel universe going back in time”. The report is based on ANITA’s findings.

Neutrinos are highly penetrative and nothing to worry about. They pass through the body unnoticed and if they collide with an atom, they yield secondary particles which can be detected.

It is quite understandable that no proper explanation to this anomaly is very frustrating, even more for those involved. But, scientific process is one that requires patience. There are a lot of other explanations on the table that are being considered.

This is not to say the existence of a parallel universe isn’t possible. Even some of the brightest minds have believed in this idea and tried to prove it. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, in his last research paper, has also suggested that our universe could be a part of many similar universes. The calculations of the Hartle-Hawking theory even make the existence of parallel universes theoretically possible.

For the more curious:

So far the existence of a multiverse is theoretically possible, but what makes this explanation so easily acceptable to the common-minded?

The answer is simple, it’s very exciting. People have been fed this idea of multiverse for a long time, through movies, TV shows, and comic books. The fact that there’s a parallel universe where time flows backward and the laws of physics are reversed, how cool is that? This is an idea that a lot of people really want to accept.

When people really want to believe something, the internet makes them believe it as well. It’s usually the extreme solutions that appease the human mind. It is best to keep in mind the Sagan Standard: ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,’ something that this ‘parallel universe with backward time’ has missing.

A lot of what people believe about the parallel universe comes from pop culture references. From Stargate to Interstellar and the beloved Avengers: Endgame, movies are riddled with references to alternate dimensions, new universes, alternate timelines, and portals. And who doesn’t like that? If a person could go back in time and undo all his mistakes, why wouldn’t he? And that is what makes the articles about the existence of a new universe really compelling to believe. People are so ready to believe a made-up Eureka moment, they usually miss the simple explanation lying right in front of them.

Of course, in this case the explanation doesn’t seem to be so simple, but does it really have to involve parallel universes to be an exciting one? It is quite possible that there exists a parallel universe, with an alternate version of everything and everyone. It is also quite possible that there exists a multiverse, containing infinite parallel universes containing infinite alternate versions of everyone. And yes, they all could have their own versions of Spidermen.

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The beloved Netflix series, Stranger Things, also delves into the idea of upside-down, an alternate universe that is present right next to this one. However, it is not really a pleasant place to visit, with gruesome forces of darkness and face eating creatures wandering around all the time.

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The classics movie: Back to The Future also teases the idea of time travel. While it does not suggest the existence of an alternate universe, it suggests that time is not unidirectional and can flow both ways. The movie, however, is exceptionally good and some would say, way ahead of its time.

These are all movies and shows that a lot people have seen and spent hours or even days thinking about. Sometimes when there’s not a lot of evidence present, imagination takes the wheel to expand on the possibilities. That is why everyone is talking about NASA’s new discovery of a parallel universe. It is something they’ve seen so much in science-fiction, it seems like it should be true.

So far there isn’t enough evidence to support the existence of a parallel universe or a ‘multiverse’. But if it exists, it’s possible that there’s one where Back to The Future isn’t just a movie.

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