Do integrated graphics have potential to be a part of a capable gaming system?

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The Graphics cards are evolving day by day, a few years ago the performance gap between integrated Graphics systems and discreet graphics system was on such a scale that the comparing both streams of pixel producing machines was considered deluded. But the integrated graphics solution in most recent processors has the necessary performance punch that they can be compared with the low-end discrete Graphics hardware. Both Intel and AMD are striving hard with their new architecture that can work well in fewer load environments and produce performance that is comparable to what you’ll get with a low-end Graphics card. Integrated graphics are built on the same chipset, and they share the system specifications with the CPU.

AMD especially has done wonders in the integrated graphics stream, with the release of Ryzen APUs in 2017 they started the trend and as a result, the first gen Ryzen processors were a great success. That was possible due to their VEGA architecture and the infinity thread technology. The VEGA architecture is the future of AMD’s Graphics technology which is at par with the competition and adaptable to such an extent that they were able to pack it with their processors. AMD recently released the 2nd gen Ryzen processors that are incrementally improved over the last gen processors. The new Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 2500G APUs produced incredible results during our games testing. The VEGA 11 in Ryzen 5 beat the GT 1030 in one of our games by a difference of 2 frames, the difference is not huge, but manufacturers can produce better chips to make it huge.

Intel, on the other hand, is also improving its Gen architecture to make it better suited for lightweight graphics processing tasks and gaming too. Since Intel too has eyes on the Graphics card market, it can be said that Intel’s integrated graphics solution will also flourish. The newer Iris Pro graphics from Intel are also trying to be on par with the low-end Graphics cards. If you have a high-end Intel processor with integrated graphics, you can play most esports at low settings and also the old AAA titles too. You can play the Metro 2033 in 720p high settings with framerate locked at 60.

Image: notebookcheck
Image: notebookcheck

We have seen the discrete graphics market making its way from scratch to the top, its time for the companies to realize the potential of a capable integrated graphics chip. AMD has started the leap with the Ryzen APUs; Intel is making its Gen architecture better with every iteration. If you want a cheap and capable low-end gaming rig Ryzen, 5 APU would be the best choice, for now, more options will arrive later.

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