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DMC5, Stellaris, Age of Empires DE and More Games Added to Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass has been the focal point for Microsoft for quite some time now. The ‘Netflix of games’ subscription service has allowed users to play some of the best titles on Xbox for a monthly subscription fee. However, the addition of all exclusives on day 1 to Game Pass was what really changed the fate of the service and skyrocketed it up into prominence.

This year at E3, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC as well. This was met with mixed reactions as the PC audience is rather hard to please and paying for another subscription service for a few games which are cheap on steam is just not viable for some people. However, Microsoft has been adding some much-requested titles to the service on both PC and Console during the past few months.

New Games at Gamescom

Keeping the trend going, at Gamescom 2019, Microsoft has just announced even more games that are being added to the Game Pass library and it includes some really big names.

The first game being added is Devil May Cry 5. This is a massive addition to the Xbox Game Pass as it is still a relatively new title and is also arguably the best hack and slash action game of 2019 so far. Going back to its roots, Devil May Cry 5 brings out the big guns with the same old fluid and fast gameplay paired with some new innovative game mechanics. The story is also a continuation from Devil May Cry 4 and follows our familiar heroes Dante, Nero and a new addition to the franchise, V. Devil May Cry 5 is now available on Xbox Game Pass for console.

The second big name being added to the Game Pass is the fan favourite space exploration strategy game from Paradox, Stellaris (Console Edition). Stellaris is a massive grand strategy game that involves managing a space civilization and developing your own empire. Paradox has always been good at making strategy games for the PC like the Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings series. One of the things that Game Pass was always missing on console was a good strategy game and Microsoft has just scratched that itch away.

Other games that have been added to the Xbox Game Pass include Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition (PC only), Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Blair Witch, Bard’s Tale 4 and Ape Out.

These are some amazing additions with hundreds of hours of potential gameplay. Microsoft has also been actively trying to bring the whole PC community together in unison with the Xbox community. Therefore, it also announced the addition of its upcoming exclusive title, Gears 5 to Steam. You can preorder Gears 5 right now on Steam.

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