Operate DJI’s new Drone by PalmControl

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Ever wanted to fly a drone with your PALM? Well now you can! The brand new DJI Spark drone can be controlled by PalmControl feature, not only that but you can also take pictures with the hand gestures.

If you are a fan of mini sized drones then this new released mini drone from DJI will make you go crazy for sure. DJI has always been innovative when it comes to its drones, every year there is some thing brand new coming out from the company which puts its customers to shock! From last year’s Backpack-sized Mavic Pro drone that can make a 4K video from the sky to this new released Palm-sized mini quad copter, which can be controlled with your Palm and hand gestures.

DJI’s Spark

Dji’s new Spark drone is a treat for those people who love mini drones that are usually affordable and easy-to-fly. This one is a $500 drone, which some top-notch features that will leave you in shock including intelligent flight, control system, a mechanical gimble, a FHD Face Recognition Camera and the ability to take off and launch from your hand. Check Prices at Amazon


  • 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor that captures 12 megapixel photos and shoot stabilized HD 1080p videos.
  • With the size of a Palm, Spark weighs only 300 grams and can be fit in almost any bag.
  • Maximum flight time is 17 minutes.
  • Can fly accurately with vision system assistance up to 100 feet and can sense obstacles and avoid them from up to 15 feet away.
  • 720p real-time video live transmission from up to 2kms away.
  • Available in 5 colors with the price tag of $500.
  • Compatible with DJI Goggles.

The Spark Fly More Combo comes with an aircraft, two batteries, four pairs of propellers, a remote controller with a smartphone holder, propeller guards, a charging hub, a bag pack with all the necessary cables. The combo costs $699. The new DJI Spark will start shipping from mid-June.



The new DJI Spark comes with the DJI’s signature features like intelligent flight system, HD camera with face detection, obstacle sensor and many more.

One of the great new features of DJI Spark is that it can take off from your palm and land it back very smoothly. You can also take photos with hand gestures. This new feature also let you fly the drone without the remote with this new cool feature.

The new Quick Start Intelligent Flight Mode System will enable you to fly the drone with a flight path that you will designate and it will record a shirt video of the tracked subject along the way. The new Spark also has a face detection technology that will recognize the owner and they will be able to use hand gestures and palm landing with this drone.

TAPFLY mode let you chose the object via your smartphone and you just have to TAP on the object that will make Spark take multiple shots of it.

ACTIVETRACK is another great feature that let you track a subject and avoiding obstacles at the same time, the new Spark automatically recognizes the object’s size and shape and tracks them according to what those objects are along with the speed in which they are moving.

The flight time of Spark drone is about 17 minutes with the automatic Return to home feature and flight protection.

The new mini drone from DJI looks very promising and great after watching the video and pictures. Now we have to wait till mid June to see how it actually turns out to be.

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