DJI ‘Spark’- Company’s cheapest and most compact drone launched

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DJI is popularly known for its hulking, pricey but powerful drones in the market. But after reading this news your perceptions will utterly change about DJI as the brand has launched its first cheapest and most compacted drone in the market.

This news is extremely fascinating for all the customers of DJI as getting a full compacted drone in an amazing price of 499 US dollars is like a dream come true. The drone has some new and incredible features which makes the drone best for the users.

DJI Spark is a mini camera drone and is jam-packed with some features which were missing in the previous models of drones.

The drone weighs around 300grams and the size of the drone is similar to the size of a soft drink can and the maximum flight time of the drone is 16 minutes.

The startling 12mega pixel camera facilitates the user to take still images and also has the capability to record 1080p videos.

Well this drone which is popularly known as ‘Spark’ can be controlled easily by hand movements; this feature is quite astounding as it was previously missing in the old drone models.

The Palm-Control technology assists the user to have a firm control over the drone but the user can also control the drone with their smart-phone. This ground-breaking feature is newly added in the Spark and will utterly turn out to be an implausible feature.

“Controlling a camera drone with hand movements alone is a major step towards making aerial technology an intuitive part of everyone’s daily life, from work and adventure to moments with friends and family,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager at DJI.

The Quick-shot feature is another startling feature of Spark as it enables the drone to make a 10 second video from the flight which the user can easily uploaded on social media websites.

It seems that this model of DJI drone is social media friendly too. Apart from the Quick-shot and Palm-Control features, DJI Spark has some new additional features like ActiveTrack and Tapfly which make this mini-drone ideal for its users.

The drone can fly up to the maximum speed of 50kmph, this speed is idyllic for a mini drone plus the camera can fly on sport mode too. The sport mode enables the camera to fly according to the movement of the user.

The two new modes of shooting; Shallow focus and Pano mode make the whole flying experience more enjoyable and interesting too.

The company stated during the release “In Pano Mode, the camera creates horizontal or vertical panoramas by automatically adjusting its gimbal and heading, taking a series of pictures and stitching them together. ShallowFocus allows you to put part of a picture into sharp focus while the rest of the image is softened, creating photographs with a shallow depth of field.”

Excluding the main camera, the drone comes with a forward-facing 3D Sensing System, downward-facing vision system, 24 potent computing cores, a higher precision initial measurement unit and a dual-based GPS and GLONASS according to the company.

The shipping of this new and latest DJI Spark drone will begin from June 15 in US and it seems like with such incredible feature, this new DJI drone “SPARK” will turn out to be a revolutionary gadget for the company.

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