DJI Phantom 4 Advanced – Aerial Imaging Technology

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Camera drones have changed the whole game of making videos and shooting from your favorite point of view. We never really thought that a day would come where we’d be able to capture HD shots and 4K videos recordings, that too through a flying machine which is super stable and under our control.

The vast usage of drones in the past 3years has really changed the game let alone the advancements that have been made in it later. Almost all the famous companies who are anyhow related to the video or still photography have acquired video making drones to their arsenal.  We can take many examples like Hollywood, news channels, professional photographers, You Tubers etc.

There are like hundreds of camera drones available in the market, which can provide you the flying experience as well as still, and video recordings but the company who is leading the whole game is DJI, its a Chinese company producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Which can be used as aerial photography, flight control system, image stabilizers, and videography.

This article is about their newest release in the Phantom series called Phantom 4 Advanced, released in April 2017.


DJI’s Phantom series have always been in the top best list but last month DJI released their best camera drone ever with totally new features and functions that the Phantom fans loved and appreciated a lot.

The new Phantom 4 Advanced comes with a controller with a built-in screen and one battery in a beautiful gray Styrofoam suitcase that reminds me of those in the movies which James Bond has! It’s glossy, thinner and better in shape from the Phantom 3. Also, the battery life is improved now you can fly your DJI Phantom for more than 30 minutes (phantom 4 had 25 minutes operating time). But you cannot differentiate from far that between the new and the old phantom.


DJI’s new Phantom 4 advanced is very easy to handle and you can control it with the stick or from your smartphone.

Phantom 4 advanced has got plenty of new features including the most awesome feature that enables the drone to sense the obstacle and the new crash sense feature makes it impossible for your drone to crash. The crash sensor in Phantom 4 advanced is so accurate and super fast that it just won’t lay your drone crash even with the tiniest thing.

The other new feature is an autonomous fly (which provides you a limited but safe flight). You just have to turn on the drone’s intelligent feature on and it will follow you using your GPS signal from the controller and it can stay still at one place or it can revolve around you continuously. You can tap on your smartphone and whatever direction you chose, this drone will fly that way.

Phantom 4 advanced has a new Active Tracking feature that allows you to follow a subject (could be anything moving or non-moving). This is really cool, you just have to tap and lock the subject and keep them in the center of your phone’s screen and this drone will follow them anywhere they go.

The range of this drone is limited (about 3.2 meters) and the operating time is about 25 minutes and it has got an intelligent flight battery that will land your drone automatically when your drone’s battery is about to die.




With the image size of 4000×3000 and a video size of 4096×2160 (4K supported) in 60fps DJI’s Phantom 4 has a 20MP camera with a 20mm lens that gives you very stable and classic results. People say it’s like a tripod in the sky, DJI claims that phantom 4 advanced is 5 times more stable in the air than its last model and yes, that is very true, you can get a very stable image result by Phantom 4 advanced and can record a classic 4K video at 60 frames per second with image stabilization technology that keeps your drone in the air like a tripod. Phantom 4 advanced uses the same Lightbridge video downlink technology like Phantom 4 but the image result of the phantom 4 advanced is also very much improved and it’s of very high quality.


DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is an awesome professional camera drone available in the market which can make 4K videos in 60 fps and can take HD pictures, its autonomous features are totally great that contains AutoTracking and Crash Sensor, overall DJI’s Phantom 4 advanced is a great camera drone with a lot of great features having an excellent camera results and great connectivity.


We couldn’t really find any big flaw about this drone, which can be a major downside, but we concluded that it is way much expensive than the other camera drones available and it’s a bit too big and heavy to carry! And the other downside is this drone comes with only battery and the aftermarket battery costs around 170$.


Well if you are into flying drones and capture HD quality pictures and video DJI’s Phantom 4 advanced is a great choice without a doubt, its easy to handle and has got the very attractive feature. But keeping in mind the price range if you are planning to buy your first camera drone so I’d say you should consider some less expensive drones and try learning how to fly and how to operate on some low budget camera drones and then jump onto this one.

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