Djay Pro 2 software uses AI to create awesome music

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The latest generation of DJ software is here as Djay Pro 2. Now available for MacOS, this program allows users to create their tracks entirely within the app as well as let them use external hardware if they wish to use it.

The Djay Pro 2 keeps much of the popular features of its predecessor like integrating with your Spotify Premium account, finding music according to mood and genre along with the ability to extract music from your iTunes library and computer. You can also sort by song key, apply different audio effects and set loops and cue points like you could in the previous version.

Newer additions to the software include an improved user interface, a better library management system, and adjustments to the program that make it easier to use for those who have large music libraries. Other than that, users have access to multiple customization options such as keyboard shortcuts through the new keyboard editor.

One of the key features of the Djay Pro 2 is the Automix feature. It’s an Artificial Intelligence program that intelligently mixes music on its own! The previous software allowed some sort of automation but the mixing of the two songs was to be done by the user themselves.

However, that barrier has been overcome now with the Automix AI. The way Automix operates can be adjusted through its settings but its pretty cool how an AI is able to pick out the best intro and outro sections of the song and do all the hard work that goes into mixing songs.

The way Automix works is interesting to say the least. It finds a song from your playlists that best works with the song that’s currently being worked on, also apply different effects such as transitioning out.

The AI works best if you feed it songs that are likely to click with each other instead of giving it songs that you yourself wouldn’t be able to make much out of. It’s a great feature for people wanting some random tunes or even some inspiration for making their next track.

Image: The Verge

Library management is also pretty good in this version. Users can split the screen and make one half dedicated to showing different playlists from which there are multiple filters available for finding specific songs (including BPM range). Djay Pro 2 also improves the existing video mode from its previous version.

Along with all the previous features, a new feature called PhotoBeat has been added. With this feature you can add photos to a slideshow that displays the photos synced with the music. All the visuals can be seen on an external monitor as well using an HDMI cable or Airplay.

Djay Pro 2 is very versatile and it’s impressive. It also has a voiceover feature meaning you can control it and mix songs without having to move your hands. This feature thus also let blind people use the software.

It’s also certified by Pioneer DJ for plug and play integration which is the general hardware that gets used in most nightclubs so plug and play accessibility for this software is great for people who perform at different places such as clubs. It’s also compatible with 60 different MIDI controllers.

Djay Pro 2 is also very user friendly thus it’s easy to use for casual or new users of the software.

The Djay Pro 2 is currently available for MacOS for $39.99 USD at the Mac App Store. Keep in mind it’s an introductory price, the regular price will be $49.99 USD. With multiple impressive features, the Djay Pro 2 has built on the foundation laid by its predecessor and is now one of the best professional DJ apps out there.

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