Devtac Ronin Helmet – ‘Boba Fett’ Special Ops Bullet Proof Helmet

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If you are a fan of Star Wars or Ironman then you are definitely gonna love this new high tech helmet – enthusiastically dubbed the “Boba Fett Helmet”. A company named Devtac has built up this incredibly high tech bullet proof helmet known as the ‘Devtac Ronin Tactical Ballistic Helmet’.

A story regarding this helmet recently went viral by bloggers like The Daily Mail and The New York Post. According to their posts, the helmet was enough for elite Navy SEALs and Delta Force operators, even filtering down Military and Tactical outlets.

However, this is not true as the company currently has no legal agreement with the Department of the Defense, and no one at the United States Operational Command has even heard of Devtac.

This does not mean that Devtac Ronin helmet is a trash. It is officially​ NIJ Level 3A certified in the independent trials. This helmet is capable of stopping .357 Sig or .44 Magnum rounds.

Devatac Ronin is all held together by neodymium N52 magnets that enables the owner to attach and remove the in penetrable bullet proof cheek plates and install isolate sights or lens optics that are excluded from the package.

Each lens for the helmet was designed and manufactured by an aerodynamic engineer for Suzuki which provides military class spec ballistic protection. It can also pick up signals from other people through ‘friend foe’ vision.

Image by Hi Consumption

This helmet weighs about 8.8 pounds but you do not have to worry about defogging as the helmet has built in fans for air conditioning. A GPS system is also installed in this tech. This modular head wear was first showcased at the International​ Weapons Expo this year.

According to the company:

“The helmets are marketed to police​, SWAT, and special operations, and we are currently working on sending out test samples. The U.S. military has never used the Ronin, but that is the ultimate goal”

It is still not confirmed that whether the United States Special Operation Force will use or even test these helmets. The company hopes that in time, the Pentagon and other national Military establishments will come calling for the Ronin.

These helmets are produced in batches at a time depending on buyers interest. Prices available on request and you can order your self one by heading to their website.

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