Dell apologizes for remarks condoning cheating in PUBG video game

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Following the comments made by one of Dell‘s executives regarding cheating at the China laptop launch, Dell has formally apologized for the things that were said at the event. The comments were mostly centered around cheating in popular games like PUBG.

Cheating is a big problem faced by many popular online games, especially PUBG. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Dell has apologized following the statements made by one of their executives. Their account director, Sally Xiao boasted their laptop’s Intel 8th gen processor the wrong way. Sally said that the new processor is ideal for gaming because it can easily handle plugins alongside demanding games like PUBG. These ‘plugins’ are mostly used for cheating in games like PUBG.

“The account director and assigned spokesperson for Dell’s gaming range, Sally Xiao, is giving the presentation about the new gaming laptops and has talked for at least five minutes about how ‘plugins’ (cheats) demand greater CPU power in the game “Chicken Dinner” (PUBG),” wrote PC Authority journalist Ben Mansill.

This was not the end however as Sally also spoke of how Chinese players are more “innovative” in finding new ways to cheat via plugins and that the new 8th gen processors would be of great help to players like them. The presentation even showed clips of a Dell laptop running the game using plugins and Sally even recommended gamers to purchase Dell laptops in order to run plugins.

The presentation and remarks made by one of Dell’s executives is nothing short of astonishing. For months now, PUBG corporation has constantly been waging war against cheaters, having banned hundreds of thousands of accounts already. Cheating overall is a huge issue in online games and it’s an even bigger issue in PUBG. Therefore, it was surprising to see one of Dell’s executives openly using means of cheating as a selling point for their laptops.

Another key thing to note was the fact that it was being insinuated that most of the players who cheat are Chinese. Yes, ever since PUBG was made available in China, a lot of Chinese players have started playing it but cheating takes place globally, only one demographic of players cannot be targetted.

The approach Dell was trying to take in order to market its new laptops is understandable. It’s clear the point they were trying to make, Dell laptops will give gamers a better edge in their chances of winning through superior technology. However, cheating may not have been a good way to prove that point. Although they didn’t formally endorse cheating, it certainly looked a lot like this.

Since then, Dell has come out and has apologized for the things that were said during the presentation:

“Dell is fully committed to supporting fair play in online gaming. We do not encourage nor endorse any behavior that undermines fair gaming practices.
“Dell has a strong track record in partnering with gaming teams, aiming at providing world-class gamers with the ultimate experience.
“In an attempt to communicate the power of the new Dell G Series, inappropriate modification examples were used in Dell’s product launch event in China last week. This does not reflect our global gaming culture or strategy. We condemn any modifications misused in gaming.”

Source: PCwatch

Although Dell has apologized for what transpired, the purpose of the presentation may have been fulfilled. People who use hacks or cheats in games may consider using Dell laptops now in order to gain a higher advantage, some people do take these online games very seriously. However, given that PUBG is working against cheaters, it won’t be long before the cheaters are eventually caught. Therefore, it’s not recommended to buy a laptop solely for cheating purposes.

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