Dany not Dead: Game of Thrones Finale leaves a major clue of Daenerys’s Return

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Game of Thrones Finale gave its fans a very tough time dealing with a shocking death of everyone’s favorite character Daenerys Targaryen, that too in the hands of the second lead character from the show, Jon Snow.

Daenerys who came a long way from season 1 to season 8, from a girl who couldn’t speak in high tone, being scared and oppressed, to a girl who sworn to break the wheel of oppression in all seven kingdoms with fire and blood and rule sitting on the Iron throne.

Dany did accomplish what she wanted. However, her reign couldn’t last for more than a day and she is seen killed by her lover in the final scene of Game of Thrones. Which sparked a worldwide protest by the fans of Game of Thrones on all social media platforms, calling the ending rushed, poorly written and a disappointment.

I, on the other hand, disagree; GoT had to wind up the show and it did come up with a good plot to do so. Dany’s death may have hurt us a lot but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she messed up after coming into power and her death was inevitable at that point.

However, we can not be so sure if Daenerys really died. Game of Thrones have left some astounding clues for the fans of Khaleesi to find out what happens to her afterwards.

Reviving the last scene of her, Dany is seen admiring the beauty of Iron Throne when Jon comes in and confronts her for burning children and women alive. She defends her actions saying that it was necessary and that she tried making peace with Cersei. He then asks her to forgive Tyrion, to which she refuses and says “We can’t hide behind small mercies.” After few more exchange of dialogues, Jon realizes that Tyrion and Varys were right about her and that she has lost her mind and must be eliminated asap before she commits more atrocities in the name of “Doing Good”.

Here comes the heart wrenching scene in which Jon while kissing Dany stabs her in the chest, instantly killing her. Drogon feeling the pain of her mother immediately flies in, but instead of burning the killer of her mother, he burns the Iron Throne. Why would Drogon do that? Let’s keep it for another day to discuss.

After burning and melting the Iron Throne entirely, Drogon grabs her mother’s dead body in his claw and flies away. Few more scenes ahead and the series finale ends, showing nothing else about our dearest Khaleesi or her drogon, except that in the last scene of counsel meeting, Bran the King asks about Drogon, to which Samwell Tarly replies “He was last seen flying East toward…” but Bronn cuts him off, saying, “The farther away, the better.”

Now this may have not caught your attention as something important, but it is. It is the first clue of finding what happens to Daenerys. “He was last seen flying East”, and when Bronn says Farther the better, means Drogon is flying further east. What is there in the East?

The answer starts from the Season 2 of Game of Thrones in which a mysterious woman named Quaithe makes an appearance in the city of Qarth. Quaithe was shadowbinder from the shadow lands in the far east of a city called Asshai.

Quaithe was the one who warned Ser Jorah that Dany’s dragons will be stolen and when this happens, she was also the one helping Jorah find Dany and her dragons. Quaithe in the books made some major prophecies about Dany, in which one of them was “To go west, you must go East”. In the season, Ser Jorah also suggests Dany to travel to Asshai but Dany refuses for some reason.

Dany may have forgotten that Asshai is the city where her dragon eggs came from. Illyrio Mopatis who gave Dany her dragon eggs in the first season, mentioned that they were brought from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai.

Beyond Asshai lies an area known as the Shadow Lands, which are said to lie “under the Shadow”. This is where the famous red witch Melisandre came from, who was also known as a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light from Asshai. Melisandre played a great role in the show bringing Jon Snow back to life from the dead. The city where she came from is the city of dark magic, the city of Asshai, in the further East.

The further east where Drogon is last seen flying toward.. Yes, there’s a high chance that Drogon is taking Dany to Asshai for her resurrection. And that she will be back!

What happens after she’s back could only be known by reading the books “The Song of Ice and Fire”, in which according to the author R.R Martin has a different ending from the Game of Thrones.

Our favorite show may not have satisfied us with further story telling of our favorite characters, but the clues placed smartly through out the series give us an idea of what could happen next.

Now that you know Khaleesi is not dead, would you bend the knee?


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