Cuphead finally going to get a physical release – sort of

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The current hot release Cuphead was released to the public for the Xbox One and Windows 10 users by the end of late September.

The release was limited to digital downloads only and much had been speculated if it would ever get a physical one too. The good news is that a physical release of Cuphead is around the corner but there is a catch.

An image of a Xbox One retail box for Cuphead has been popping around the internet depicting that its set to release alongside the Xbox One X for a planned launch on 7th November, 2017.

The source of the image is known to be Tyrok who is a member of the Cheap Ass Game forums. The image first popped up on reddit, where it soon gained worldwide attention.

The catch which stated earlier is that there is not any physical disk contained within the packaging i.e its still not a physical release totally.

But instead, you can use a digital code present inside which can be used to redeem the game. Furthermore, this can also be used to redeem one of the five animation cells.

When further asked questions about the release, Tyrok went on to explain in another post, that the physical release would be just for Best Buy customers. There still aren’t any hints on what the price maybe.

Whatever the price is, we can easily expect it not to cross the initial price of $19.99 set by the company behind the Cuphead.

For those who were longing for an actual physical release in the form of a physical disk, this news may be a source of disappointment for them. Thinking from the company’s point of view, it would actually enable StudioMDHR, which is the indie studio behind the game, to reduce its overall expenses in providing the game to the public. Though, if an art cell in the future were somehow to included, it would help smooth things over some.

Cuphead’s release has caught quite some attention around the world, and is exceptional when it comes to the games released in 2017. This is courtesy the unique outlook offered by the game.

This unique look utilises the idea of hand-drawn 1930’s era cartoons which seems catchy to players. The game also features a notable gameplay dubbed “Run ‘n Gun”. This offers a much similar directional shooting like that of the Contra series.

For those who have longed to play this game, they can easily do so by buying it from Microsoft directly as part of the digital release just for a mere $19.99. Being an Xbox Play Anywhere you can easily play it either in your Windows 10 PC or on your very own Xbox One and good part is you just have to pay once!

StudioMDHR has since then commented on this in a twitter release stating that “This is NOT a physical edition – just a cool promotion 🙂 In the future we will be doing a physical edition for sure!” Therefore, for all those waiting for the physical edition gear up for its release in near future.


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