CUBIIO: Laser Engrave your Ideas, Anywhere, Anytime

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News of felicity to those decorating artists, your dream engraver has finally gained its visual from!

Referred to as the most compact laser engraver, CUBIIO, occupies little to no space on your Desktop. Portable enough to fit in a pouch in your backpack, the thing is class apart from the already used Laser engravers!

As the name suggests the device is a cube, which can engrave up to 3.9 x 3.9 inches (width x height), making it ideal for adding labels and decorations on objects, rather than large-scale engraving projects.

It’s like a dream come true for the hobbyists who like adorning stuff. You can have etched adornments on wallets, phone cases, notebooks, basically anything as long as it’s not a metal.

Unlike the already available engravers, the thing is easier to use, does not require some special set up and simply uses an App to create the engravings. Since it does not come with its own build area, you kind of need to set a place for it and align the material to be engraved with it. Although it comes with a standard screw mount so you can place it on a tripod and use the area below as your build area.

Working with the cube is fairly simple, just launch the App, and choose what you want to engrave, either by uploading a picture, writing some text or importing a G-code file. Once done, assemble it on the desktop aligning it with the material to be engraved, manually. Then click the ‘Preview’ button to see if the alignment is correct and then push start to begin the engraving process.

A product by a Taiwan based company Muherz, CUBIIO, is redefining laser printing by simply fitting into the palm of your hand. No worries of reading long assembly manuals, no hassle to clear space for it; it perfectly fits into every studio, workshop and your desktop!

However, due to power limitations, it uses a semi-conductor blue laser that outputs a beam of about 800mW. Not all that powerful, hence you have to place the object as far as 6 inches, and it engraves on wood, non-transparent acrylic, leather, felt, cardboards, paperboards, and fabrics.

Metals, however, are completely out of the question. Added to that is you don’t need to physically move the laser; unlike conventional laser, it uses the mirror reflection to move along x and the y axis to form neat clear engravings.

However, working with lasers can be dangerous; therefore it is recommended to use them in a ventilated environment to get rid of the fumes produced. And if that is hard to find, simply use the alternative provided by Muherz, the CubiioShield which encloses the laser inside it protecting you exposed body. This is achieved by filtering the fumes thereby protecting you from the harmful particles.

Other added safety features include, a password lock, to prevent kids to use the laser on their own, a pair of goggles, an accelerometer, which tracks if the device is moved during the operation (if o, the device automatically shuts down), an LED indicator to show the device is working and finally the feature to shut down automatically upon over-heating.

The Cubiio Kickstarter campaign has been wildly successful, if you want to own one of these beauties, visit the Kickstarter page, to avail early discounts. The Cubiio Basic you will find at $379, shipping in March next year.

The Cubiio Suit with the Cubiio Shield is priced at $499, shipping in November this year. Both of these sets come with an accessory pack containing an SD card, a USB cable, and a pair of goggles.

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