Here’s Everything You Need To Create A Smart Home With Nest

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Nest’s flagship product is its Learning Thermostat which is a programmable yet adaptive device, learning on its own through the device’s sensors and communicating with other devices through a WiFi connection. With 58 smart home appliances and devices supported till date, the Nest Learning Thermostat is an integral part of transforming your ordinary beautiful home into an extraordinarily smart and beautiful one. We’re going to give you the load down and break down of exactly what the Nest home integration has to offer and how to get about to setting it all up.

Calling All Technology Enthusiasts… Let’s Show Some Appreciation.

Firstly, understand that this product wasn’t always the ultimate smart home accessory. It’s truly come a long way and for all the technology aficionados out there, this is something you’ll definitely want to know and appreciate.

The device first started out in 2011 with its primary function being electricity conservation through room heating and cooling optimization. All you had to do was adjust the room’s temperature using the device’s rotating side dial for a week. The thermostat would learn how you like your home temperature regulated and then do it automatically from there on out depending upon what you like at different times of the day and the ambient temperature conditions at the time as well.

After 3 generations of the product, released in 2011, 2012, and 2015 respectively, as well as the Nest Thermostat E which came out in the August of 2017, the series of learning thermostats now acts as a central management system for your smart home.

Now, For Those Who Skipped The Show of Love & Want To Get Straight Down & Dirty to the Nitty Gritty of Smarting Up Your Home…

So, the process of doing so starts with you purchasing a Nest Learning Thermostat. We recommend the 3rd Generation device. It’s the most premium and spec-ed out device on the smart home market right now with more features and compatibility to offer than its newer budget version: the Nest Thermostat E.

The 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat is currently retailing for USD $249 and basic installation charges range from USD $99-250 depending upon the level of set up you want completed at go point while advanced installation and configuration charges lie between USD $200 and $300. That’s a big investment, but it’s a necessary one as Nest is going to be the building block of your new smart home.

Once you’ve got your Nest device ready to go, here’s a look at the 58 home devices and appliances (plus best prices) that are supported in your smart home and what they bring to the table.

The Most Important Integration: The Google Home

This integration comes as rather obvious. Nest Labs was founded by two Apple engineers, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, in 2010 but was soon bought by Google for a whopping $3.2 billion dollars in 2014. Google tried to release the company’s products under a subsidiary new parent company called Alphabet Inc. but that turned out to be a disastrous move.

The tech giant then took Nest back into its own main company structure and incorporated it into the hardware division which also houses the Google Home and Google ChromeCast devices. As Google is responsible for the development of both the Google Home and the Nest product range, it makes obvious sense to create a strong integration link between the two.

USD $30 from Google

Some Of The Next Best Things:

Amazon’s Alexa

Alexa is one of the most popular voice feedback home smart digital assistants. With Nest, you can talk to Alexa and ask her about the temperature conditions of your house and have your temperatures adjusted at just voice command.

USD $49 from Amazon

Samsung Smart Home

Using the Samsung Smart Home, you can integrate Samsung’s already individually smart devices into the empire of your smart home. This allows you to power on and power off your devices from a single device as well as manage their usage.

USD $67 from Amazon

Ooma Smart Home Phone

Just as you’ve got your own smart phone wherever you go, Ooma gives your smart home its own smart phone that integrates right into your Nest empire, integrating well with Alexa and Google Home as well.

USD $80 from Amazon

Insteon One App

This little hub gives you a single application to use to monitor all the individual smart devices in your home. It gives you toggle switches and control mechanisms for all of your individual devices whilst keeping track of your Nest Learning Thermostat and other Nest home devices.

USD $100 from Amazon


The Lights Range:

LIFX Smart Lights

These are the most popular smart lights these days. They integrate right into your Nest home and have features like adjusting the brightness coming from just a single bulb, dimming to set the mood, and giving you warning signs in case of an emergency.

USD $48 from Amazon

Philips Hue Smarter Lights

These smart lights work similar to the LIFX Smart Lights and come with at par popularity. They adjust the light delivery based upon what you’re in the mood for and have warning signaling mechanisms that let you know in case of an emergency.

USD $158 from Amazon

Lutron Caseta Lights Controlling System

This brings adjustable lights, light shades, light switches, and other outlets to adjust your smart home lighting. It connects to your Nest device for control directly through it as well.

USD $50 from Amazon

You know those smart lights that turn on when you’re there and turn off when you’re away? These TP-Link Kasa lights do precisely that whilst offering you the same standard smart features as the other smart lights on the list. They are particularly good for energy conservation as they switch on when needed and don’t when not.

USD $40 from Amazon

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Controllable Lighting

It’s getting a little tedious to emphasize the same attributes down the list but here’s to say that the OSRAM LIGHTIFY controllable lighting offers the same perks as the light switches above including the auto on and off depending upon whether you’re in the room, and it also comes with customized lighting strips and lighting adjustments.

Check on Amazon

My Leviton Camera Integration Smart Lights

Another smart motion detection lighting system. This integrates well with Nest cameras to detect when you enter a room and turn on the lights accordingly. This product comes with an interesting range of mood settings known as “scenes” which can be called upon with voice command. Talk about setting the mood for date night!

USD $40 from Amazon


The Security Range:

Nest x Yale Lock

This lock connects through Nest Connect or Nest Guard and you can use the Nest Application to unlock it. It is also approachable by voice command through Google Assistant on your smartphone, still working through the Nest application though to lock and unlock you home.

USD $280 from Amazon

August Home Smart Locks

Here’s a smart lock that also doubles as a camera to keep footage of whoever enters and leaves your home.

USD $227 from Amazon

Kevo Smart Lock by Kwikset

If you thought those locks were cool, get a load of this one. This smart lock detects who is home and then tells your Nest device to adjust the temperature based upon the person’s preferences. So, you can come home from a long day and have your home set up automatically exactly the way you would prefer and if someone else walks in through the door, they can have it their way. It’s a win-win!

USD $166 from Amazon

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Doorbell

Watch your front door in 1080p and be able to record any footage once motion is detected.

USD $200 from Amazon

Vivint SkyControl Home Security Automation

This system integrates your smart home applications and works with Nest to provide you yet another synchronized central application platform to manage all your security devices from.

USD $550 from Vivint

For a complete review of Vivint home security system, click here.

SimpliSafe Security Solution

If you choose to forego home security contracts, then this is your con contract home security solution. The smart device is able to detect when you’re home and when you’re away and is capable of safeguarding your home in both cases.

USD $186 from Amazon

Abode Safe Home Solution

Another all-in-one home security solution that doesn’t need you banging on office doors or dealing with mediating personnel to get your home security in check. This integrated solution connects to all your smart home security devices and works with nest to provide you an all-in-one-place smart security solution.

USD $280 from Amazon

GetSafe Home Security

A DIY security installation system that connects with Nest to keep tabs on your security.

USD $249 from GetSafe

Guardzilla Security Eye

This is the nest best thing to Nest’s own security surveillance Nest Cam device. Guardzilla lets you keep eyes on your home in HD with full functionality for detailed surveillance.

USD $50 from Amazon

ALC Connect Plus Security Solution

This is a smart camera that has the ability to set up security scenarios for certain protocol as well. If a particular door that isn’t meant to be opened, is opened, the camera will become alert and execute security protocol based upon the entrant and the nature of the scenario. Even if the door is a regular use one, the camera keeps an eye on who’s coming in and communicates with the Nest Learning Thermostat to respond accordingly.

USD $90 from Amazon

Scout Alarm System

Here’s what you really need to sit back and relax. This smart device adjusts your home security and the state of your cameras based upon whether you’re home, gone to work, gone for a long period of time, or just hanging around. It manages your cameras as you turn on and turn off your smart home as well.

USD $450 from Amazon


The Great Outdoors Range:

MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain

Using the Smart Garage Hub, you can control your garage door from your smartphone through the Nest application. The system’s cameras also let you keep eyes on who is entering and exiting your garage as well as monitor its entry and exit way all from your smartphone screen!

USD $80 from Amazon

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The two most important things you’re getting out of this product besides looking after your garden and smartly executing your sprinkler system to care for a lush green lawn are its water consumption optimization to ensure a lower water bill at the end of the month and its home security mechanism that sets off the sprinklers to fight fire in case of an emergency. It’s your own personal gardener. It’s smart. And it’s not heavy on your pocket. It’s worth the investment for those who don’t have time to spend hours taking care of their lawn themselves and don’t want the headache of a gardener who isn’t mindful of the hose pipe left running.

USD $230 from Amazon

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Just like the Rachio Smart Sprinkler system, GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub is an intelligent device that not only looks after your lawn but also works to combat states of emergency like fires or smoke detections. The device works efficiently with your water and is integrated directly with Nest so that you can monitor you garden at all times.

USD $250 from Home Depot

Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

This one is more gear towards fire safety than the two above. It’s a smart device that has sensors that can detect fire threats at a greater range than the previous two. If, in case, there is a threat of fire anywhere near your home, the sprinkler system will already take action to prevent any spread of wildfire or exacerbation of the state of emergency in the area.

USD $80 from Amazon

Hayward OmniLogic

Here’s a backyard automation device that deals with the perfect lighting for your lush garden. The device adapts to your need of lighting in the great outdoors of your home and turns off and on your outdoor lights automatically. It also works with nest to control your home temperature based upon outside conditions for optimal heating and cooling indoors. You don’t want to be cooling your room to 16 degrees Celsius if it’s already 14 degrees outside. Why not let ambient temperature do the cooling for you then? One of the more power efficient and smarter devices, this one is heavier on the pocket but better on the bills.

USD $1500 from Amazon


The Personal Care Range:

Fitbit Smart Watch

Want to account for body temperature and body conditions when heating and cooling your home? Nest lets you integrate your Fitbit smart watch so that your home temperature and conditions can be adjusted directly to YOU at that particular moment, every moment. It won’t be reliant upon a general trend you set for what you prefer during the day but more so on exactly how you’re feeling. If your heart’s racing and you’re heating up, it’ll help to cool you down. If there’s any way else you’re feeling, it’ll do the trick to adjust your environment to give you the best comfort by taking data form your own body into account. For a detailed review of FitBit, click here.

USD $185 from Amazon

Misfit Sleep Tracker

Can you relate to not wanting to get out of your cozy bed on cold winter mornings? (YES YOU CAN DON’T LIE!) Well, this sleep tracker works with nest to ensure that you get the ideal temperature to sleep in as well as the ideal temperature to wake up into from your deep sleep without feeling discomfort and annoyance first thing in the morning.

USD $55 from Amazon

SleepIQ from Sleep Number

Another sleep tracker, this one works better with your sleeping cycle to specifically take your sleeping habits into account and adjust your environment accordingly to make for the best sleeping experience as well as the most energizing and refreshing start to your day.

USD $900 from Sleep Number

Withings Sleep Tracker

Just as with the sleep trackers mentioned previously, this does just about the same thing. It monitors your sleep to ensure for ideal temperature conditions while you’re asleep and when you wake. This one specifically caters to your alarm though to ensure that you wake up on time and also wake up to a comfortable environment.

USD $122 from Amazon

BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock

Here’s a smart alarm clock that will adjust room temperatures to ensure you get out of bed. As soon as your series of alarms start to go off (yeah, we know you’re not one of those one-alarm-and-I’m-awake sort of people), this device starts adjusting your room temperature and integrates with your nest device to make for a powerful and effective morning alarm system as well.

USD $80 from Amazon

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

This is perhaps the smartest baby monitor on the market. For those with little ones that sleep in a separate room, this is a highly recommended investment. It will monitor your baby’s sleeping conditions while you’re away resting yourself. It also tracks your baby’s breathing, sleep cycle, and keeps a close eye on your little one, letting you know as soon as they’re awake or needing you. With this you can rest yourself and trust that your baby is being looked after with the smartest gadget on the martket.

USD $123 from Amazon


The Home Appliance Range:

Wemo Switches

Think you left the clothes iron plugged in? You can now use Nest and your smartphone’s Nest application to turn your home switches on and off. You can also track, in detail, the electricity consumption from these switches to be aware of your energy consumption habits and limit them to make for not only a smarter but also a greener (metaphorically) home.

USD $25 from Amazon

iHome Control Smart Plugs

Here’s another plug where you can permanently leave appliances plugged in and just turn them on and off through the toggling of this switch from the Nest application on your smartphone. If you’ve left your appliances connected and need to turn them off and on but don’t want to get up for it, it’s right at the tip of your finger and if you think your left something on and want to ensure it’s off, that’s also something you don’t have to get up for anymore.

USD $25 from Amazon

Zuli Smart Plug

Here’s a smart plug that does all of what’s mentioned above as well as adjusting your home lighting and temperature. It works to ensure optimal electricity consumption. If you’ve got lamps plugged in, its sensors will detect your need for lighting as well as what it’s providing and turn on the ideal combination that provides the perfect lighting whilst saving energy.

USD $15 from Amazon

Jenn-Air Connected Wall Oven

Making baking a whole lot easier, this wall oven lets you sit around without having to keep an eye on what you’re cooking constantly. It turns on and off from your phone, is temperature adjustable through the Nest application, and smartly keeps watch to ensure you don’t burn your food. It also allows you to make sure that you did indeed turn the oven off after you finished.

USD $3,000 from Brayu & Scarff

Moar Ovens Home Connect from Bosch and Siemens

Just like the Jenn-Air, this oven also lets you monitor your cooking period as well as turn your oven on and off as need be. Talk about preheating your oven before even getting off your couch. The Nest application integration makes it all ten folds more convenient.

USD $2100 from Bosch

Whirlpool Trusted Appliances

This is a general appliances optimization series that ensures that your regular home appliances like washing machines and dryers run on optimal conditions, are controllable from your phone, and do the best job they can without being hefty on your pocket when the bills roll in.

USD $1800 from Whirlpool

GE Appliances WiFi Connect Smart Appliances

Another Nest and WiFi enabled appliance, the GE smart oven lets you monitor your oven usage as well as turn it off and on from your smartphone.

USD $3630 from GE Appliances

Haiku With SenseME Ceiling Fan

Here’s a fan for which you don’t have to walk over to the dial at the end of the room to adjust the speed. It integrates into nest to let you adjust the speed and flow of air in the room to let air circulate in your room depending upon the temperature you’re trying to achieve. Want hot air floating or hot air settling, this smart device does it for you.

USD $600 from Amazon

Rheem EcoNet

This system works with your heating and cooling home systems to ensure that they’re working at their best capacity whilst also conserving the maximum amount of energy possible.

USD $660 from Amazon

Logitech Harmony Remote Controls

Here’s a universal smart remote that connects to all of your smart appliances as well as your Nest integration system so that you can control everything from a single remote.

USD $69 from Amazon

AWAIR Air Quality

Something to keep in your home especially if you live in an industrial area or worry about polluted or unsafe breathing air, this device measures your air composition and checks your air quality for dust, humidity, and chemical compounds. It works with your thermostat to provide clean air for you to breathe and also informs you in case something isn’t safe about the environment that you’re inhaling.

USD $197 from Amazon

Flair Pucks and Smart Vents

Fitting this into different rooms in your home ensures consistency across the board so that all the rooms are at the same temperature and everything is regulated seamlessly for you as you walk around the house. This also acts as a smart vent system that cycles your air to exhaust out any smells, humidity, or anything you may not want floating in the air.

USD $160 from Flair

LeakSmart Disaster Detector

This smart device will detect and leak and stop it from flooding your smart home in just 5 seconds. That’s a big selling claim but it’s definitely one that’s been going strong till date. The smart system has a multitude of sensors that instantly detect a leak around the house and control it before it floods your living space.

USD $800 from Amazon

Foobot Air Monitor

For anyone that faces breathing problems, this device works with your ventilation and fan systems to circulate the air just right for you to breathe comfortably. Another smart device, this will adjust to exactly what suits YOUR breathing best and adapt based upon changes in air conditions intelligently as well.

USD $199 from Amazon.

Keen Home Smart Vent

The Keen Home smart venting system works to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and comfortable all around your home.

USD $111 from Amazon

Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat

If you thought that the Nest Learning Thermostat already comes with a lot of customizations for temperature based upon what you want and when you want it, well, this thermostat is even more particular in catering to you. It has more intervals of adjustment to ensure that the room conditions are better set for you more frequently and more regularly.

USD $250 from Amazon Wireless Thermometer

This wireless thermometer detects your room temperature and connects with your Nest device to better adjust heating and cooling to achieve your desired temperature. It’s controllable from your smartphone and can be set to any temperature you feel like you want at that moment. Then just leave the device to do the room adjustments for you automatically.

USD $27 from Best Buy

Streamlabs SmartHome Water Monitor

This connects onto your home piping to be the first source of leak detection. Nest will give you a warning in case of emergency as well by tracking feedback from this device.

USD $200 from Amazon.

Aquanta Water Controller

This smart water heater is adjustable from right within your Nest application and keeps track of your electricity usage for a truly smart home.

USD $189 from Amazon

Heatworks Model 1 Water Heater

This water heater works to raise your water temperature to your desired setting instantly using some power supply as well as natural impurities. It lowers energy consumption and is monitored by Nest which keeps track of your appliances for you and guarantees a lower end of the month electricity bill.

USD $470 from Lowe’s

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Pro

For makeup enthusiasts, this is the perfect smart home utility for you. The smart mirror adjusts its lighting and angle for the best and most detailed look at your beautiful face and adjusts around as you’re getting read.

USD $250 from Amazon

Almond Router

Better coverage across your smart home stems from this device. It’s the first touch screen router with very easy set up configuration. It’s designed to be impeccably user friendly. You don’t need any computer or PC device to set this up. It can be done directly from the device’s own touch screen and modified through your Nest device as well.

USD $90 from Amazon

Notion Home Awareness

This home security solution keeps tabs on the state of your home, whether your windows are open or your AC is still on. It will manage your home for you to save you the bills at the end of the month and conserve energy.

USD $200 from Amazon


Other Gadgets:

Automatic Connected Car Adapter

If your really in need of coming home to a perfect and set heated home on a devastating winter day, use this to set things right at home from your very car. Walk into a warm embrace when you walk in through the front door and have things just the way you’d like them as soon as you step in.

USD $100 from Amazon

Petnet Smart Feeder

This takes a big responsibility off your shoulders. The smart feeder gives your pets their food at regular intervals. It adapts based upon when they’d like to eat and it keeps track of their eating habits, notifying you of any change or if you need to take them to the vet. It also takes photos of your pets as they eat, keeping a good look out for them.

USD $189 from Amazon


The Round Up!

So that was the load down and break down of the 58 smart devices that you can use with your smart home. You know where you can get your Nest Learning Thermostat, and quite frankly, I don’t know why you’re still reading this and not getting yourself one already. It’s the best smart home integration service on the market. It will integrate everything from your home temperature (evidently, as it’s a thermostat) to your home security system, your home power management, your garden, your lights, your baby, your pets, and most importantly YOU. It will pamper you unlike you’ve ever been cared for before and it will take several responsibilities off your shoulders as you rely on its smart automation to be wise about its home management whilst keeping your home in check.

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