How To Create Personalized Movies Using Google Photos Movie Editor

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Do you want to make professional looking videos using just your smartphone? If so then you have landed just on the right page. The cameras on our smartphones have become very advanced and have certainly done wonders in capturing our important moments and memories with just a touch of your finger. Now Google is taking this to the next level by allowing you to create themed movies using the images and videos in your gallery.

Basically, the new Google Photos app has rolled out with a new feature that is powered by AI and comes with 9 theme presets including: Mother’s Day, Selfie Movie, They Grow Up So fast, Meow Movie, Valentines Day Movie and In Loving Memory. These themes will automatically create professional looking videos within just a couple of minutes. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can create personalized movies using Google Photos movie editor.

 Step 1:

First, make sure that you have the latest version of Google Photos installed on your device. You can download the latest version from the Play Store for free. Once you have successfully installed the app open it up and from the main window tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to open up the menu. Here select the movie option and hit okay. Now you will be presented with all the images and videos present on your device, select the ones you want to add in the movie and hit the create button.

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Step 2:

Depending on the number of images and videos you add it will take some time to load in the editor. Once the photos are added you can change the order according to your liking. You can do so by selecting the film strip icon on the right corner and then drag the images into the order you want.

Step 3:

You can also add music by tapping on the center icon and then select the music you want from your playlist or from the included ‘Theme Music’.

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Step 4:

The final step is to change the effect by tapping on the leftmost icon, select the effect you want from the built-in options and you can see the video in real time in the preview window. Once you are satisfied, give a name to the movie and select the menu button to export the video. That’s it! your movie will be saved in mp4 format and will be ready to share it with your friends.

So this is how you can create a professional quality movie from your images in Google Photos. I hope you enjoyed this article if you have any queries make sure to drop down a comment below.

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