Construction begins on World’s Largest Telescope

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World’s largest telescope construction has finally begun; this super telescope seems to be a startling invention of this era as it will turn out to be a great tool for researchers.

This world’s largest telescope is called ‘Extremely Large Telescope’. The name itself demonstrates that how enormous this new tool will be and how effectively it will work in its field.

Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is the largest optical telescope, five times larger than any instrument that has ever been used for observation. The main mirror will be housed in a giant rotating dome, measuring 39 meters, whereas the dome is 85 meters in diameter.

The telescope will be constructed in the middle of Atacama Desert on a 3,000-meter high mountain in Chile. ELT will have various capabilities which will facilitate the scientist in conducting various researches.


The giant telescope will help in observing the Universe’s early stages, for discovering planets like Earth which can have the signs of life, and to study the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

The ELT is a boon for our planet Earth as it will help the researchers to find out the ways in which they can improve the life on our planet. However, the telescope is due till the year 2024.

As Niranjan Thatte, Principal Investigator for ‘HARMONI’ and Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford’s Department of Physics, said: “For me, the ELT represents a big leap forward in capability, and that means that we will use it to find many interesting things about the Universe that we have no knowledge of today. It is the element of ‘exploring the unknown’ that most excites me about the ELT. It will be an engineering feat, and its sheer size and light grasp will dwarf all other telescopes that we have built to date.”

To mark the beginning of construction of Extremely Large Telescope, a ceremony held at the Paranal Observatory in the Northern Chile. The ceremony was attended by Michelle Bachelet (President of Chile).


“We are building more than a telescope here: it is one of the greatest expressions of scientific and technological capabilities and of the extraordinary potential of international cooperation,” said Bachelet.

In the ceremony, a time capsule was also sealed with the photographs of the engineers and scientist who worked upon this whole project along with a copy of book future goals of this miraculous invention.

The Extremely Large Telescope is funded by none other than the famous organization called European Southern Observatory, which consists of the southern and European hemisphere nations.

The atmosphere matters a lot in scientific observation and research. The Atacama Desert and its dry climate are ideal for doing research and observations through the telescope.

Tim DE Zeeuw, Director General of ESO, said: “The ELT will produce discoveries that we simply cannot imagine today, and it will surely inspire numerous people around the world to think about science, technology and our place in the Universe. This will bring great benefit to the ESO member states, to Chile, and to the rest of the world.”

Indeed, Extremely Large Telescope will be the greatest invention of this century and it will also facilitate the scientist to research on those facts which need evidence like Aliens. Therefore, we can expect that this beyond belief upcoming technology will dominate the world.

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