Complains pile up: Static Interruption in iPhone8 voice calls

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Apple, known to be ingenious tech platform to think outside the box, has never failed to stun the users with its cutting-edge features and state of the art iPhones. However, while making the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, It looks like they kind of messed up big time.

Disappointed users claim that they are experiencing static interruptions in some voice calls. Reports came from a forum macrumors where users share their tech experience.

For how would you feel if you spent a considerable amount of that saved up pay, to buy the trendiest phone in town, only to be faced with a noisy call!!

Recently, several iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus users, complained about hearing static through the phone’s earpiece during cellular phone calls. Although the static does not show up when the call is heard on speakerphone or on a headset.

It was not sure whether the problem was in the software or the hardware, but it was observed that the static is heard during facetime too, further confirming the suspicion that the problem is with the software. If there is a problem and you can’t hear the other end of your conversation crystal clear, that is as much of a problem as a bug in the browser is.

Owners from Australia, UK, America and those across Europe complained of hearing a crackling sound during a cellular call. They were of the view that the crackling occurred in some calls and not in the others whereas the caller on the other end does not hear them. The problem persists even with Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE enabled or disabled, even with third party VoIP apps and several different carriers.

Users have tried hard reset on iPhone 8 Plus, with varied results. Apple has recommended the users to restore their phones to factory settings and set up again via iCloud backup, yet again getting mixed results.

Furthermore, replacing the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus model doesn’t do the trick, the problem still remains. For changing what the thought were faulty handsets for new ones, didn’t prove to be fruitful.

This leads us to the predictions of how this problem would persist or would be resolved in the iPhone X. Users have lofty expectations from the company, and it is thought that iPhone X would introduce a completely new era of smartphones.

Good news is that Apple has assured its client the fixation of problem very soon as they are currently working on the problem. They aim to resolve it in a couple of months, for the company would not want to lose the precious customer over a little crackle.

People have high hopes from the tech giant, therefore such a petty problem came as a shock for many. Rest assured the Tech giant would by one way or another find a plausible solution to the problem, satisfying the customers, which they have been doing for a long time. For none expects anything lower than the criteria of perfection when it comes to Apple and its products!

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