Comic-Con Highlights 2017

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The 2017 Comic-Con International: San Diego was held this year in California for 3 days starting​ from 20th July to 23rd July. The worlds biggest pop culture conventions have been announced and it has been a crazy week for the entertainment industry. The festival has just about wrapped up for another year.

Since last few years, the show has mainly become about releasing trailers of upcoming block buster movies and announcement of TV shows headed to the screens next year.

In Case you missed these announcements, we have all rounded up and summarized the blockbusters and best trailers from Comic-Con for you down here:

• The Walking Dead – Season 8:

The Executive Producer Scott Gimple and the team began their panel at the show on Friday. They unveiled a new five minutes trailer for the 8th Season of ‘The Walking Dead’. There is a war coming to the zombie-infested apocalypse. At the end of the trailer, a little teaser of the older Rick Grimes is shown.

Image by Den of Geek

• Justice League:

The Justice League trailer unveils a new villain known as Steppenwolf. The two main Stars were missing from the panel including Ben Affleck – The Batman and Henry Cavill – The Superman. The fans asked the team that whether they will be in the movie or not​ and were assured that both of them have been starred in the movie.

“Let me be very clear. I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest part in any universe, DC or Marvel,” Affleck said.

Warner Bros also showed a teaser of upcoming Aquaman movie in 2018, starring Jason Momoa as the protagonist.

Image by Justice League The Movie

• Thor – Ragnarok:

With the successful release of ‘Wonder Woman’ and trailer of ‘The Justice​ League’ DC is bashing the entertainment industry. But Marvel was not going to stay quiet and made a comeback with the release of the trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. It looks like a fun super hero movie in the trailer. There is Cate Blanchett, Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum and Loki Banter as the main stars of the movie.

Image by Digital Spy

• Marvel’s The Defenders:

The comic book giant, Marvel also announced a TV series ‘The Defenders’. The fans were surprised at Comic-Con by showing the entire first episode of the show. The trailer is also out, it is also a super hero based series, starring Sigourney Weaver as the Villain.

Image by YouTube

• Stranger Things – Season 2:

Netflix also arrived at the Comic-Con​ and made a big splash by announcing the release of the next season for the ‘Stranger Things’. The supernatural theme from the last season has brought up to another level in this season. The story is based on a group of friends searching​ their buddy who got mysteriously lost.

Image by Whats on Netflix

• Ready Player One:

This movie is anticipated adaption of the novel from 2011 named ‘Ready Player One’. The story is about a future where the people travel in a virtual reality world. The movie is directed by Spielberg as he wanted to flashback into his memories of filmmaking. It is a budget film. After looking at the trailer the crowd cheered and the team and the director received a standing ovation.

Image by Cinemablend

• Bright:

Netflix also unveiled a big budget TV show starring Will Smith. Bright is an urban fantasy film that hopes to demonstrate that the gushing administration can rival huge studios with regards to offering blockbuster-level toll.

Image by Engadget

• Kingsman – The Golden Circle:

The 20th Century Fox announced only one movie at the Comic-Con​ festival. Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be headed on screens this fall. It is an action movie with a wink of the sense of humor and the fans were very pleased to watch the trailer.

Image by The Christian Post

• Westworld – Season 2:

Hollywood Box Office (HBO) released the trailer for season 2 of Westworld. No specific time of year or date has been announced for the release of the show. It appears that the robot uprising that started a year ago is going all out.

Image by Slash Film

• Star Trek – Discovery:

The latest trailer for ‘The Star Trek – Discovery’ was shown at the festival. The team has struggled a lot with tons of difficulties in bringing the show up to the screen. The Star Trek Universe has a new look and is unlike any we have experienced before.

Image by Star Trek

• DuckTales:

The 1980’s nostalgia is rebooted with the Disney’s Duck tale. David Tennant will be the voice behind Scrooge McDuck. The trailer was pretty good and the fans can’t wait for the release of the show.

Image by Wikipedia

• Rocko’s Modern Life:

Nickelodeon also brought back a classic TV movie ‘The Rocko’s Modern Life’. This classic cartoon will be released anytime sooner next year.

Image by EW

This is all that happened this year at the Comic-Con Show: San Diego, although there were other tons of trailers released, we have summarized some of the best and most popular TV shows and movies as all of them can not be rounded up.

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