CoD Modern Warfare to feature a free to play Battle Royale Mode, but is it really free?

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A strange counter appeared on the main menu screen of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today, which was due to end tomorrow around 3 pm (Uk time). As usual, people started guessing that the count down is imminent of something new, possibly a BR mode. A Youtuber named Chaos also posted a gameplay impressions video. The video, which was removed soon after it was published, also explained in detail that the new Warzone mode is a free-to-play standalone game built on Modern Warfare. It supports a multiplatform and crossplay too.

CoD Warzone countdown

Soon after the news regarding the counter surfaced, Call of Duty officially announced the Warzone mode through a tweet. The tweet had an action-packed trailer that detailed out the necessary details and the fact that it is actually free to play for everyone.

But if you think the battle royale, which is said to be free to play mode for all, is entirely free, you’re, unfortunately, not entirely right. It depends upon the platform of your choice. PlayStation 4 owners do not need PS Plus subscription to play the BR mode. According to the PlayStation Blog, the players will also get an exclusive Call of Duty: Warzone combat pack for free at the PlayStation Store on the launch day. Unfortunately, for the Xbox players, Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass subscription is required. For PC players, Blizzard’s Battle net account is required, though it does not require any subscription fee.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 is the remake of the classic Xbox 360/PS3 shooter that took the world by storm back in 2007. The remake was no slouch either, even for those players who have finished the story mode on the original countless times found the remake pleasantly surprising. It took the series back to its roots, after experimenting with many different directions and the story less disaster named Call of Black Ops IV. The series kept to its roots when it came to flawless console FPS experience; no game has managed to achieve this feat yet.

During the initial release, it became the best-selling game on PS4 and PC only in three days. Intense Graphical overhaul and shifting back to the roots was enough for an already established franchise to return its player base. Modern Warfare is one of the best looking games on the PS4 that actually runs at stable framerate too. Graphics PC and Xbox One X are on a whole new level. At the start of February, Season 2 started with a plethora of new skins, a new character, two new guns, and tons of skins for almost everything in the game.

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Now with the inclusion of its battle royale mode, the game is again trending. The mode will be available to download on every platform as soon as the timer ends. Those who have already owned Modern Warfare will be able to play it a few hours earlier; it will only require 15-22GB of initial data. For those who do not own the game need to download 80-100GB of data in order to play the Battle Royale mode.



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