Clones of PUBG mobile – Are they any good?

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We have seen a trend in the past, whenever a game or an application becomes insanely popular many developers try to imitate the theme of that application. Sometimes they end up developing a better game while most of the times due to fewer resources the clones do not turn out to be as great as the original.

PUBG mobile is probably the most popular game on the mobile platform right now. It has more than 50 million players worldwide. As it happens many developers tried to imitate their idea and made their own games based on the battle royale genre. There are a ton of these games and today we will test a few of them and see whether they catch up to the original or not.

PIXEL’S Unknown Battlegrounds

The first game in our list takes the theme of the original game and turns it into the Pixelated graphics kind of like the graphics of Minecraft. It is developed by Azur Interactive games limited, they have not developed any other game yet so it is very hard to pass the judgment on them.

When you start the game, the opening animation literally shows someone kidnapping you and taking you to the lobby. The gameplay is a mix of both Fortnite and PUBG. When you are dropped into the map through the Helicopter you have an AXE with which you can kill enemies or destroy stuff to harvest weapons. There is no building, mechanics in the game which makes it more in line with the PUBG.

The gameplay is strangely easy. The bullets fire automatically and every bullet hits the target. They also have armed vehicles in the game, you have to pick the lock if you want to get in which takes a lot of time. When you are in the vehicle no one can stop you and you can win the game very easily. There is no skill involved in the game, most probably only a single player is active in a game.

Rules of Survival

If there is a most elaborate clone of PUBG that will most definitely be the Rules of Survival game. It is developed by Netease studios and is available to play for free on Windows, Andriod and IOS devices. They have actually made three clones and all of them have a similar tutorial. When you fire up the game instead of the LOBBY you have a  loading screen which shows random quotes. The map they have in the game is built exactly on Erangle the first map of PUBG.

The gameplay is exactly similar too. The doors open automatically and you gear up automatically too as soon as you find it. They also have vehicles in the game which are too slow and whenever you sound the horn you hear music instead of the Horn. They also have air drops in the game. Needless to say, the weapons and the animations of the weapons are exactly the same too. They have put a lot of effort into building the game but for some reason, they decided to remove the ability to go prone.

Garena Free Fire

It is developed by Garena International private limited. They only developed this game hence the name of the developer is in the name of the game. The game has the best graphics among all the clones that we tested. The gameplay is very similar to the original game the only difference is the gun recoil. There is no recoil the guns stay steady in the hands of the characters even when you are spraying.

They have a very elaborate amount of loot in the spanning area. The characters make werid sounds when they are hit. vehicles are operable. The game is just better than everyone clone. When you start spending time in the game you are hit by a bunch of in-game ads. They are not only annoying but also come very regualrly. The game also  flaunts its store whenever you open the game. If there is a game that tred its hard to keep the consumers away from than this must be that game.

Xiaomi’s Survival game

The last game in our list is called Survival game. The most interesting thing about the game is the fact that it is developed by Xiaomi. Xiaomi is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones. The game is inspired by PUBG in a lot of ways but Xiaomi claims that the game is unique in its own way The game is large sci-fi shooting action game that is believed to be created by having Indian players in mind.

The players are dropped in a deserted island through a spaceship where they find resources to survive. Players can commute the map with vehicles too. The graphics of the game are very mediocre but Xiaomi says that they are working on the graphics and are making sure that the game is optimized for every device. You can only get the game through Xiaomi’s own app store called Mi store. However, if you are interested in the game you can use this link to download the game.


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