Clash Royale: Super Strong High Elixir Decks suggested by Expert Players

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Clash Royale, another masterpiece after Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell, a famous mobile game company, is a total hook for people who like playing multi-player mobile games in spare time.

It has an online battle arena where you can play card matches with real people from anywhere in the world. It features cool characters, some taken from its parent game Clash of Clans. That’s not all, it also has a live chat in which you’re able to interact with people, make friends and have a good time. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a total HOOK!

So if you are already playing Clash Royale, you know how important it is to collect good cards and learn their usage in this game. And if you’re new to the game, let us advise you first that this game is all about clever strategy, smart choice, and patience, which is represented by your ‘battle deck’ that contains your chosen cards for the battle.

Each card takes some elixir power to recharge itself to be deployed in the battle, which is why most of the game players may suggest you keep cards that take less elixir and get recharged fast so that your attack on the opponent is faster than him.

This strategy of keeping light weight cards in your deck may have been a profoundly accepted one, but let me tell you, this strategy limits players to try those cool big cards that may take more elixir but are actually very powerful against the opponents and its troops.

We talked to some expert players in the Clash Royale game who keep high elixir decks and are quite satisfied and happy playing with them. Here are some of the decks taken from their profiles. Try playing with them or create your own high elixir deck, after understanding the strategy to handle high troops.

The Sparky Power

That’s too much of elixir for you? Worry not because, with patience, this deck is going to take down all three towers of your opponent if you know how to run the game.

Sparky is a legendary card which can down the tower in just two fires. It has the most powerful hit among all the troops and works great if used along with Giants Skeleton. Here’s the plan;

  • As both Sparky and Giant Skeleton take 6 elixirs each, you’ll have to wait for a little before deploying them together. First, go on with Sparky, deploy it beside your King tower, since it’s a slow machine, it’ll take some time to pass by your mini towers, this will give time to get your skeleton recharged, deploy it right ahead of Sparky as its protection shield. The attacker troops will be dealing with skeleton first, but sparky will be destroying them all in one go. What a cool pair!
  • There’s another cool combo available in this deck. Say hello to Elite Barbarians and Miner. Although miner takes only 3 elixir but it can be a deadly troop if working with elite barbarians. They can totally smash the opponent’s tower by setting up their secret trap; deploy elite barbarians right on the boundary of opponents field, when they cross it and run towards the tower and the archer on tower counterattacks them, aim the miner right onto the tower and let it destroy it while the opponent’s archer is distracted killing your elite barbarians.

The Golem Power

 A Pokemon called ‘Golem’ made its way to the game Clash of Clans, in which it became a must-use troop in ground attacks to completely destroy enemy’s base. It is used as a shield for other smalls troops to break into the enemy’s base and destroy them before they destroy you.

Its usage in Clash Royale is almost same as CoC, but here it is considered more powerful and deadly. Here’s how;

  • Deploy Golem right beside the King tower and wait for your Wizard so that you can release it with Golem as a protector from the counterattacks of air and ground both. If you release minion horde with the golem, chances are that the opponent uses a card from many of the cards available for retaliation of minion horde. So get your wiz on with golem as it won’t be dead quickly. If the opponent releases its skeleton army on your golem, be ready to throw your ‘Log the legendary card’ on them and let it run over. Timing and patience is an imperative factor here, so be careful!
  • Your next attack from this deck will use minion horde, the clone spell and rage card. This trick will terrify the opponent as he’ll be busy dealing with your golem and the army of minions coming from the back at fast speed. The opponent will surely panic and you’ll get time to deploy another wiz for the defensive attack.

The Pekka Power

After Clash of Clans, Pekka joined Clash Royale to scare everyone with its evil looks and deadly weapon sword. Consuming 7 elixirs, it literally wipes out everything that comes in its way. One strike of its sword and the game is over, well almost!

  • The trick to deploy Pekka is the same as the Golems and Sparky’s. Release it from the back of one of your mini towers and release wizard along with it. Then take the time to refill the elixir to level 9 so that you can release your Three Musketeers to crash the opponent. The other awesome troops in this deck go side to side with Pekka, depending on the type of attacks your opponent is using.

So, these are some cool high elixir deck cards and strategies. We’ll keep updating you about more stuff on games and apps, until then, try these tricks and let us know if it worked for you or not, in the comments below. Happy Clashing!

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