Clash Royale Clan Wars: How to play and what you need to know about this new game mode

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One of the most anticipated updates for Clash Royale has been out for just over a week now. The update introduced the game to a highly sought after a feature known as Clan Wars. After teasing the clan wars game mode for months, Supercell has finally released it.

Despite the mode being teased here and there by Supercell, up till its actual release, not a lot of information was shared regarding the entire mechanics of the new game mode. Only when the mode is actually available to the players do we know how it works. Here’s everything you need to know about Clan Wars in Clash Royale:

The basic details and pre-requisites

The clan war itself is a two-day event where more than one clan is pitted against each other. Your clan competes with four other clans for bragging rights and rewards of course. The Clan War requires a lot of coordination with your clan members, but first things first: you need to be in a clan and your clan must have at least 10 members.

However, there’s an added requirement too, that all the participants must be King level 8 or above. Of course, only the clan Leaders and co-leaders can start a war. If you’re not in a clan, you can go to the social tab of the game and you’ll find many clans recruiting over there, especially now since Clan Wars are out.

The two days of the war are known as Collection Day and Battle Day. As the name suggests, Collection day is about collecting cards for your clan by using cards from your own deck in battles. These cards you collect for the clan are important as the clan uses these during the next phase of the war: Battle Day.

Collection Day

The first day of Clan Wars is all about gathering cards for your clan. You battle with your own cards to earn clan cards that get added to your clan’s card list which can be used to create a War Deck. Each participant in the Clan War for your clan has to take part in three battles.

Now there are three game modes in which the battle can take place. Although these modes will be changing War to War and as the game mode gets older, for now, you have access to the standard 2v2 Battle, The Draft Mode, and Sudden Death. It’s up to the war participant which battle mode they choose, they can even perform all three attacks using a single battle mode, or a mixture, it totally depends on you.

Use the best Deck you have according to each battle mode. Pick the deck and battle mode where you have maximum chances of winning because you earn more clan cards for winning. However, it’s best to build different decks to suit each game mode as they’ll be changing every now and then, you don’t want to be at a disadvantage. Even participating in clan attacks earns you cards, but winning earns you the most.

Now there are several factors which determine the number and quality of the cards you receive on Collection Day. They Include:

  1. Your Clan ranking/League:
    The higher your clan rank, the more cards you’ll be able to get. Moreover, you can get better quality cards too if you have a high-level rank with decent League ranking.
  2. The number of members or participants in the clan war:
    Of course, if you’re starting a war with just the bare minimum number required to start a war, you won’t be able to grab as many cards as you could’ve gotten with more clan members. Each participant gets three attacks, and each attack can earn you clan cards. Therefore, the more members you have, the more participants you have, thus, the more attacks your clan gets overall. This, in turn, increases the number of cards your clan can get overall.
  3. Win/Loss Ratio:
    As mentioned already, you can get higher quality cards and more quantity too if you win more attacks than lose during Collection Day. The Win/Loss ratio is also important because it not only is a factor in determining how many cards your clan unlocks, but it also determines the level of the cards unlocked. A higher Win/Loss ratio can earn your clan higher leveled clan cards. It doesn’t matter if you have max leveled cards in your deck, if the win/loss ratio is not good, then low leveled cards will be placed in the War deck.

The maximum number of cards that can be collected on Collection day is 40, and the minimum is 8. Moreover, if you leave your clan during the war and join another one, you won’t be able to participate in their wars until the previous war is over (i.e. you’ll still be a part of the war for the clan you left). The 40 card cap will help ensure that each War brings a different combination of clan cards, making the experience unique and fresh for as long as possible.

Battle Day

Now, this is the day that actually decides which clan will win. However, Collection Day is just as important because whatever clan cards the clan was able to collectively get for their clan, are now available for members in order to make War Decks. Therefore, collecting good cards, securing wins on Collection Day can really help improve your chances of victory on Battle Day.

The objective of War Day may seem simple enough: each participant in the clan gets 1 battle, and the goal is to get as many wins as possible. Now here is where team communication and coordination comes in. You won’t be using your regular deck, the one you’re used to. You’ll be using a clan deck made from the clan cards your clan collected, which might have some cards you’re unfamiliar with. Therefore, it’s best to ask your clanmates for help because Clan War cards are different from the regular cards you use. You may want to test your new deck out in friendly battles too. If you’re unsure of what cards to include in your deck, you can ask your clanmates for help or check out their decks for reference.

One key thing to note is that if you join a high-leveled clan thinking you’ll get to play with high-level cards then forget about it. You won’t receive any clan cards that are higher level than the highest leveled card in your own deck. Therefore, level your deck up first in order to get better clan cards for yourself. Once the Battle Day is over, your clan gets some trophies and then you can immediately start the next war.


The rewards will be based upon a 2-week season system. A clan war lasts two days, so at most, a clan can take part in seven clan wars per season. Each clan war gives trophies to a clan to progress further in clan leagues, these trophies are dependent upon how many battles were won on Collection Day and Battle Day.

The number of trophies you earn will be logged in every season, particularly the maximum number of trophies you obtain from a war during the entire season. At the end of the season, you receive a War Chest, in which the loot depends upon the maximum number of trophies your clan was able to obtain during a single War season. The rewards from the war chest are also dependent upon your clan’s league too.

So a small recap: there are a total of three battles which each participant of the clan war will take part in. Three of them take place on the first day of the clan war, which are responsible for collecting clan cards for your War Deck. The war deck is then used during Battle Day. The clan receives a certain amount of trophies depending on the number of battles won/overall performance of the clan during the war. You get rewarded based on your clan’s league and the maximum number of trophies your clan was able to obtain in a single war in one season.

Moreover, Supercell has added this neat feature to help clan leaders and co-leaders deal with inactive members. The “Nudge” feature is accessible to leaders and co-leaders only. If a clan member hasn’t done anything in the war and they are participating in a war, then you can simply “nudge” them and they’ll receive a notification. If you receive a “nudge” notification, it most likely means you haven’t done anything in the war and your clan leaders want you to act fast.

That’s pretty much what Clan Wars are about. It’s a pretty fun feature which is bound to get even better after Supercell receives community feedback and is able to reflect and improve. If you’re a clan-person and wanted a game mode that required some sort of coordination with your clan, then Clan Wars is the perfect addition to the game for you. Good luck!

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