Clash of Clans Upcoming May Update 2017 is a TROLL? – Interesting Discovery!

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Players in the world of Clash of Clans are eagerly waiting for the greatest update Supercell promised to release in the mid of this month. But sadly, they ditched and the update isn’t out yet!

There are many predictions about what’s coming with this new mysterious update but since there were no traditional sneak peeks this time, nobody knows the future. However, they adopted a rather expansive approach for this special update; First, made a boat appear on the shore in the game and then released a trailer about it on May 3rd, starting a series of story “Captain’s Log” video clips on Youtube.

Four episodes of the ‘Captain’s Log’ were being uploaded on the channel throughout this month, revealing nothing special about the update except some really funny yaks of Wizard and Hog Rider, floating on a boat. Each episode is a 45 seconds animated video, showing the same scene of the wiz and Hog rider, off to their journey of finding what lies ahead of the shore.

First episode created hype about the update and players got hooked to the channel, but when rest of the parts were released and kept showing the same thing with a different narration, it became a ‘drag’ and players now seemed to be ‘losing their minds’.

Since the ‘special update’ is still nowhere to be found, commentators are making mockery out of these animated videos on Youtube, “Captain’s Log Day 273:  Sea is blue. Yes. STAY TUNED TO SEE WHAT LIES BEYOND YOUR SHORES”, a player commented. “Captain’s Log Day 39572893562758 Hog: Hey look it’s a balloon parade. STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT WHAT LIES BEYOND THE SHORES”, another one laughed.

But all this fuss about ‘May Update of CoC’ make sense;  the update is really going to be dropped with a boom, considering Supercell’s efforts in planning and executing an entire marketing campaign behind this new game update, and as it has never been done before , fans can expect something fascinating to come.

Predictions and an Exciting Discovery about CoC May Update:

As everything about this mysterious update starts from the ‘Boat’, thus it is almost guaranteed that you’ll now be using that boat in your attacks, somehow!

May be, that boat will be taking you to a new island for bonus loot attack or for head-to-head battle with other players. There are also expectations that the boat will give daily reward of resources or gems.

Or the boat will be used in trading resources with other villagers/players. ‘Boat’ or ships have always been a major source of trading in real world, so it is highly expected that this CoC boat will also be helping players in managing their resources. For example, if you have extra elixir, you can trade it with someone with what you need or vice versa.

There could also be an addition in troops and spells. But the most interesting thing we discovered is hidden in the name of Captain’s Log animated videos. You might not have noticed that the series name itself has a troop in there. That’s right, one of the famous legendary cards ‘The Log’ from Clash Royale could now be available for the players of Clash of Clans.

Hope that the next part of ‘Captain’s Log’ don’t leave us floating in the water for another week!

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