Clash of Clans May Update Released, Players Unhappy

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The most awaited game update of the month is live now and everything about Clash of Clans’ new style has been unveiled. But unexpectedly, the update is hard to digest by the players who have been playing the game since it was first launched, and the reason is valid!

CoC May update revealed an addition of a village, more power and abilities to the troops, new skilled builder, advance defense, night life and the most expected one, the versus battle mode.

Supercell calling it a ‘whole new clash’ as the game has made a new land available for villagers to build in and battle on. Contrary to all the predictions made, leaks and theories, Clash of Clans stunned its players by adding a whole new game strategy. While some clashers took the update as fun, most of the players seem to be ‘disappointed’.

The mysterious boat that created the hype about the may update finally arrived at a new land, where the players can build a new base but with more powerful troops. The new skilled builder claimed that he can increase the abilities of troops and make them faster in attacks. He wasn’t wrong though, the battle on the new land seem to be fun, the versus game mode makes it more enjoyable when two players attack on each other’s bases and the one with the best attack wins the battle.

The new base will require to be build up again, just like the home base. Players will have to battle, collect loot and invest in their defense, attacking troops, and multiplying resources. But the problem which seem to be troubling a lot of players is that collection of loot in the new base is a hard nut to crack.

With each win in the three stars battle, players instantly receive loot but with three consecutive wins, it takes 22 hours to cool down and then the players are able to claim their winning loot. That is similar to the crown chest tactic from Clash Royale, but it looks like the players of Clash of Clans aren’t cool with it.

Also, a lot of players don’t want to spend time creating a whole new base just for the sake of some more power to their troops and the versus battle mode, “which could have been done on the home village as well”, says a Clasher.

“Well so bad clash of clans, i spent 3 years to upgrade my base I won’t spend another 3 years for another base.
Another reason for people to stop playing, thanks for ruining the game update after update. We were expecting another maybe better game play, and you give us another base this really a bad move”, commented one of the disappointed players on Clash of Clans’ update video on Facebook.

“Have to say, this update is crap. I’ve been playing for over 4 years and have a maxed out base, totally not interested in starting again from scratch”, another Clasher showing his dislike to the update.

The old clashers might not like the new update, but players who have recently joined the game or just an year old in there, are definitely enjoying the new game of Clash of Clans. “It’s good, I like it! Way better attack idea, new troops and a “fresh start” base to rescue me from the boredom of the long update times on my original one”, a happy player exclaimed.

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