Clash of Clans: What is the Giant doing inside Builder’s hut?

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Something very interesting is going on these days in one of the top MOBA games Clash of Clans, in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the game.

Calling it ‘Clashiversary’,  Supercell released a video on CoC’s youtube channel last week about the builder – a troop in the game that builds every object of the village (battle/home base) – deciding to leave the village and move out.

The animated video beautifully showed how the builder spends days in constructing your favorite defense and weapons as well. It was shown that the amount of efforts he puts in building each one of the objects over and over again, was never appreciated enough, which made him to give up and leave.

The builder, out of sadness, leaves his hut ‘for sale’ and steps on one of the spring traps intentionally and goes off in the air.

Barbarians find the construction equipment of the builder; his hat and hammer and this is where the odd things in the game start happening from.

Supercell released another video following the event that revealed the plans of barbarians about creating new attack weapons. The battle ram was introduced in the game for a week as a part of the celebration. The troop which looks like a stem of the tree turned into a destruction weapon by barbarians, was first seen in the brother game Clash Royale, but clash of clans’ players also used the troop in the game last week, looting around.

Barbarians enjoyed attacking with the battle ram for a week until the Giants decided to kick the barbs out of builder’s hut and take some rest in there.

This week, it’s all about Giants hiding inside Builder’s hut, ready to surprise the attackers and defend your base.

Be it loot attacks or the wars, you have extra troops to deal with in your attacks for this week. The giants hidden inside builder’s hut can consume a huge chunk of your time if you’re doing ground attack.

But again, it’s a fair play and you can also utilize your hidden giants for wasting time of your attacker in the war and absolutely preventing him from taking three stars.

It is time to place the huts at places where it’s more hard to get. Get them inside the base now and enjoy the kind of defense you never had before, but only for this week until we get to see some thing more cool happening next week, if the builder don’t return.

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