Chrome OS 64 Released – Packed With All New Features, Updates And Security Patch

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Google recently announced the Chrome OS version 64 which will roll out with a whole new bunch of improvements and new features. Chrome OS is coming closer to becoming a hybrid OS for tablets and devices like 2 in 1 Chromebooks with its upcoming updates and bug fixes.

The new update clearly focuses on tablet features which include the split screen for much easier multitasking while in tablet mode and android like screenshot feature using the volume down + power button.

Google is really serious about its Chrome OS, an operating system that first arrived half baked last year but with in just months the Google’s Chrome and Android teams have coordinated closely and worked out to make the software more polished and functional than ever before.

Image by Chrome Unboxed

Security is one of the most important aspects of any operating system, enhancements have been made in the security front to protect files and media against malicious software. Chrome OS devices are also patched and protected against Spectre and Meltdown.

There is a new and improved pop-up blocker which will block disguised links and popups or other type of such overlays to prevent any unwanted opening of new tabs or windows. It will also prevent malicious auto redirects from a third source embedded into sites by blocking the third souces iframes unless the user has directly interacted with it.

Another big improvement made is in the audio department. Now there is a Sitewide audio muting setting which will allow you to mute and control the audio of individual web page similar to what you find in Chrome browser for more consistent media autoplay behavior. This setting will be located in the in the permissions drop down (tap the info icon or green lock in the URL bar).

The Update also enhances Lockscreen performance, presumably making the log-in faster. The Android apps will now also have the ability to run in the background and have been optimized to provide a better and more stable experience.

A tighter VPN integration has been implemented for Android applications, before this it was a conflict when applying a VPN with an Android application as traffic from Chrome OS was not routing through the VPN like one would expect. The new update resolves this issue and now the users will easily be able to enable the VPN services for the Google Play apps and there are also “Android Container auto update optimizations”.

The Chrome OS still can not replace Windows or Mac OS. It is just a lightweight operating system that helps in performing day to day tasks, it can not run full sized desktop apps. Android still remains the Google’s dominant mobile operating system, while the Chrome OS has been taking on more responsibility as the Chromebooks have steadily become more capable and tablet-like.

This is, however, a perfect combination of tablet, mobile and PC operating system packed in with some really amazing features. It is continuously developing and Chrome OS Devices are coming out every now and then. Recently Acer announced the first stand alone tablet that runs Chrome OS. Tell us what you think about this in the comment section below.

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